Obama's India Visit

US President Barack Obama has outlined a cooperative framework for G-20 Summit in Seoul later this month, the White House said on Monday.

A virgin market in India presents the next frontier for nuclear plant makers but they have to deal with India's nuclear liability laws first.
Some financial sector reforms are yet to be cleared by Parliament, so don't expect any immediate action.
The Confederation of Indian Industries and Chicago Council of Global Affairs held their second Annual US-India Business Opportunities Summit in Chicago on Monday.

Concerns over job losses caused by outsourcing could cloud long-term business plans for the US economy.

Obama's promised moves towards a more environment-friendly United States will shift jobs to India and create new ones.
US President Barack Obama said although the economy is growing and more jobs are being created, there is still a long way to go.
The US President urges his countrymen not to have a lacklustre approach with other countries trying to fast catch up with the US' advantage.