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Buddha In The Boardroom

So what specific actions can our government take to make sure our ministers and MPs are equipped to deliver excellence in their roles? The first step is to create a scorecard for the government and ministries against which one could measure their success.

How do we build societies and organisations that are responsible for the overall wellness of humanity, while creating more meaning and happiness for all stakeholders?
Leaders usually find themselves in the middle of challenges that pull them in completely opposite directions and get confused about which path to take.

A major task in acquiring self-knowledge is to understand the relationship between who one is and how one presents oneself to the world.
Knowing oneself - one's passions, one's unique strengths, and core values is the first step towards leading a meaningful life.
The pace of change that all of us experience nowadays demands a new mindset and new competencies from the 2020 leader, writes celebrity coach Santhosh Babu.
Do you focus too much on the task at hand and miss the helicopter view of what you do and what you want to be? Take a step back.