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Go for the kill! Best time to dismember a crumbling Pakistan - economically, geographically & militarily

The revoking of the Most Favoured Nation to Pakistan is just the beginning of the pain for Pakistan. After decades of treating its dangerous neighbour with kid gloves, India is waking up to Chanakya's famous aphorism: "The antidote of poison is poison, not nectar."

The concept of reservation is based on the fallacy that wealth and opportunity are a zero-sum game.
With multitude of announcements in the farming and social sectors, the government was perhaps more constrained to make allocation to the infrastructure sector.
The idea of UBI is not new but in the past few years, it has resurfaced globally in a very big way as a means of redistributing income.
Government has shown good intentions, the key is to now deliver this in letter and spirit.
In 2017, the Prime Minister Modi made a bold call for achievement of 90% immunization coverage for seven preventable diseases by 2018 itself
Professionalising the family business is critical for growth, continuity and perpetuity through multiple generations, but how exactly does this work?
A legal right holds meaning only to the extent of its enforceability, which can be regulated by restricting the right to enforce such a right.