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Adequacy and comprehensiveness of a health insurance product becomes important since the coverage of medical ailments should be as wide as possible with limited exclusions, along with the option of life-long renewability.

The public sentiment even on bail to undertrials in corruption cases has unfortunately been coloured by extreme views on punishment for corruption.
High demand for domestic debt continues among foreign institutional investors, who have already invested $3.7 billion during the current calendar year.
One needs to evaluate one's investment horizon, risk appetite and liquidity requirements before deciding between fixed deposits and debt funds.
I believe the B-School selection today is flawed. It is designed to eliminate and cherry pick for the artificially created capacity scarcity.
The new takeover code tries to juggle the interests of different stakeholders, say Nishchal Joshipura and Arun Scaria.
Given the lack of fundamentals of most of these companies, clearly, there is more to these bumper listings than meets the eye.
An insurance claim is to be made in accordance with policy conditions, usually relating to the extent and quality of information provided to support the claim.
Why are there so few women on Corporate India's boards? Companies complain they cannot find enough of them. This is only partly true.