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Nobody likes a scam and hence, the odds are that like the many scams before it, this one too, will get a quiet burial in due course.

The buy-and-hold strategy might not work in 2011. Trading could be the right option in a market facing risks of rising oil prices and strong dollar index.
Copper is expected to post a rally of 30 per cent during the year. With an expected jump of 25 per cent from the current levels, aluminium will be the next best pick.
Autodesk's Chief Executive Officer Carl Basswants to focus his attention on education and increase the reach of his products.
As the system grapples with liquidity crunch and the RBI tightens its monetary policy, short-term income funds can deliver a return of 9-10 per cent.
Nearly half of issues that went public in 2010 are quoting at a discount. The reason: Overpricing of IPOs and poor corporate governance standards in some.
The uptrend in the stock market is attracting hordes of investors. However, adopting a contrarian approach and investing in other avenues can be equally profitable.