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Huge potential for India to become mobile superpower: Flurry CEO

It's a very exciting time to do business in India. Currently, we work with 1,400 companies with 10,000-plus apps that are based in India.

twitter-logo Taslima Khan        Last Updated: January 8, 2014  | 21:24 IST
Huge potential for India to be a mobile superpower: Flurry CEO
Simon Khalaf

App analytics is a rapidly evolving technology as companies globally get more serious about how consumers engage with their brands on mobile phones. US-based Flurry is a leading company in app analytics. The company, which was incorporated in 2005, employs 150 people and has over 125,000 developers and companies as its clients. The company started its India operations in 2012. Business Today's Taslima Khan spoke with Simon Khalaf, CEO and President, Flurry.  

Q. How do Flurry's products help its clients?
A. Flurry has three core products that help mobile businesses. Flurry Analytics helps developers understand how their apps are being used and by whom. Flurry AppCircle helps advertisers reach their target audiences in mobile apps, and Flurry AppSpot helps app developers and publishers monetise their apps through advertising.

Q. What differentiates Flurry from other companies such as Swrve?
A.The mobile analytics market is getting more and more crowded, but there are several key factors that set Flurry apart. First, Flurry is the market leader in mobile analytics, giving us a massive reach. Our SDK (software development kit) is in 400,000 apps across 1.3 billion devices globally. We see seven to 10 apps per device, on average. That means that Flurry has the deepest understanding of consumer behaviour in mobiles. We share data with developers in ways that helps them understand who is using their apps and how those apps are performing against the broader market (through age and gender estimates, and performance benchmarking, for example).

For those developers who choose to show ads, the Flurry data about their users is very valuable to advertisers. So, the developers can charge more per impression than they would be able to without the Flurry data.

Lastly, for developers who want to advertise their app inside other apps, our demand side product, AppCircle, helps them target new users with Flurry data, and reach the right kind of consumers at scale.

It is worth noting that Flurry analytics is completely free. It is free for developers to advertise. All of our services are bundled into one SDK with a simple, stable line of code. Flurry has been 100 per cent mobile focused from day one.

Q. What is your estimate of the global app analytics market? How is it expected to grow from here?
A. The market for app analytics is crowded and shows no signs of slowing. As long as the rate of app development continues to grow, so will the B2B (business-to-business) services around it. Our recent report on the Mobile Content Explosion sheds light on this trend. Flurry is in a great spot as the leader in the space, and we will continue to work hard and serve our customers to maintain that position.

Q. How do you differentiate 'app analytics' from the 'data analytics' industry? Is it just analytics applied to apps, or is there more to it?
A. Our phones are with us 24/7/365 and many studies have shown that the vast majority of mobile time is app time (87 per cent, according to our data). Therefore, app analytics gives a very personal and rich view into the lives of consumers -- more so than other kinds of data. Apps can relay information about what we're reading, watching, shopping, learning, listening to, who we're communicating with, and more. App analytics and app data give very clear signals of consumer interest and intent. This is why we have chosen to focus specifically on app data and not other kinds of data.

Q. What makes India an interesting market for Flurry? How many companies do you work with in India?
A. Our data shows that India is just starting to come online, much like China did a few years ago. Given its population, the potential for India to be a mobile superpower is huge, and the market forces (device pricing an infrastructure) are starting to mature to a point where mobile can become mainstream in India. It's a very exciting time to do business in India. Currently, we work with 1,400 companies with 10,000-plus apps that are based in India.

Q. How is Flurry placed vis-à-vis other start-ups in India such as Little Eye Labs or Mobilewalla?
A. Flurry is the worldwide leader in mobile analytics. We can't comment on the reach or market position of other companies in the space.

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