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Pick the best eco-friendly car

Maruti Suzuki Eco Charge
Among the Machines we use that most deplete fossil fuel and add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere are Automobiles. Here are some automobiles which are electric and hybrid in nature.

MARUTI SUZUKI ECO CHARGE (3.4 lakh upwards)

A concept brought in by the most reliable car company in our country: Maruti Suzuki. After decades of providing our drivers with their vehicles, Maruti has turned green. The Eco Charge is a concept hybrid that uses a 1196 cc petrol engine combined with a 5KW electric motor. Together they give the users better mileage and emit less carbon. It can be fully charged in seven hours and can achieve top speed of 100 kmph.

Courtesy: Gadgets & Gizmos

PHOTO: Gadgets & Gizmos