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Smart gadgets for your house

Ad Notam Living Room TV
Smart gadgets that must find their way into your intelligent household and smart home. Here is a complete elegant home solutions list. You can get wall solutions like these. You won't even realise there is a TV hiding behind the mirror when it is turned off.


Made to order

How about a TV designed exclusively for your living room, keeping in mind the decor, colour, theme and size? Ad Notam, a Germany-based company, has a dedicated TV range that you can customise for your needs. Its GLASS TV line comes in screen sizes of 37- 46-inches and can be done up in the glass element (black or white) that suits your decor.

Variety of screen sizes; Variety of mirror sizes and colours; Variety of furniture add-ons-design, sizes and colours; Easy wall mounting; Easy to clean; Dirt and water proofed electronic components; RF remote control; PAL, SECAM, Full HD; Home automation enabled

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