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10 bucket-list trips you can start saving for now

Planning a vacation, packing those comfy outfits, getting onboard a plane and finally reaching your dream destination - these are a few things that we have all been dreaming of for the past few months. But they are also the ones that seem to be far from achievable at this point in time. This pandemic has got us all isolated inside our homes. Currently, the virus is being controlled by restricting movement and travel. And loosening those restrictions comes with risk. Making travel the last thought on our minds right now.

However, while we are still staying indoors, at least till the situation improves, we have all the time on our hands to create our dream bucket-list trips, one that will be worth waiting for till the pandemic ends. It will also give you something to look forward to.

Since full-fledged travel plans will probably materialise only by the latter half of 2021, why not start by making a list with destinations that will be worth the wait?

From chasing the Northern Lights to leisurely basking on the beaches in Greece, here are 10 bucket-list destinations for you.

Krishna Priya Pallavi