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Best eco-friendly appliances for your home

Eco-friendly home: flat panel tvs
Beginning at home, we could do our bit to cut down on carbon emission. Start by picking up energy efficient gadgets. Here are our recommendations -


Panasonic TH-l32c22(Rs 27,900)

Panasonic has always been known for its quality plasmas but now the company has one of the most power efficient LCD TV as well. This TV has a wide viewing angle across its IPS panel and consumes less than 78 Watts.

32 inch LCD; 1 HDMI port; PC input, game mode, IPS alpha panel

LG 32LE5500 (Rs 53,490)

What makes this LED TV from LG green is its mercury-free design. In addition, the spot control technology automatically adjusts the dimming level of the local pixels, ensuring maximum energy saving. This 32-incher is powered by LG's TruMotion 100Hz scan that removes blur on fast moving objects, has a response time of 2.4 ms and is Full HD.

32 inch LED; Wireless ready; 1 HDMI, 2 USB; 1080p; 130W power consumption

Courtesy: Gadgets and Gizmos 

PHOTO: Gadgets & Gizmos