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BMW X1 20 D Exclusive
We put together the best cars under various categories - be it the hatchback, sedan, SUV or luxury segments. Check them out and pick up the one which you think will be your best drive.
- Text by Sulabh Puri

SUV: BMW X1 20D EXCLUSIVE (Rs 29.9 lakh)

Specs: 11995 cc diesel engine; 6-speed automatic transmission; 179 PS power; 350 Nm Torque; 0-100 kmph in 8.3 seconds; 61-litre fuel tank.

Here is an SUV which has no match. BMW's plunge in the mid-range SUV segment garnered enough eyeballs.

The Exclusive model you see above is the German major's top X1 variant and has all what BMW is known for-sexy looks, good build, hot alloys, very BMW premium front grill. A nice add-on is the panoramic glass sun roof which runs from front to back.

The 6-speed automatic transmission offers an effortless drive. You get good gadgetry to play around with in the cabin. iDrive is the most striking of them all. Also worth a mention is the dual climate control and steering mounted ICE controls. The drive comfort may not be up there with what is offered by the other big boys of the BMW stable, but at this price we shouldn't be complaining.

Courtesy: Gadgets & Gizmos
PHOTO: Gadgets & Gizmos