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Which mobile operating system is the best?

Android V2.2
Check out the operating systems of your phones. These determine how well your device handles calls and data or the ease with which you can access different aspects of your phone. Here's a lowdown on the five mobile brains in the market.


With small icons on the homescreen, the main menu looks neat and feels user-friendly.

Ease of Use
Android is easy to use. Any application in the main menu can be dragged and added to the homescreen.

Let Down
Upgrading to new versions lies in the hands of the handset vendor. ice.

Application Store
Android Market is the second most popular mobile applications store with over 1,20,000 apps.

Android facilitates one of the most customisable interfaces. You can add a shortcut for any application or add a widget on the homescreen itself.

What's new
The most important feature of the 2.2 upgrade is the ability to download thirdparty applications on the phone's external memory.

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