Tech Podcast: Samsung Galaxy S9+ top selling smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S9+ top selling smartphone, but Apple, Xiaomi dominate list

Samsung topped the chart of best selling smartphone globally but Apple still dominates the total list with five entries in the top ten. Counterpoint has released its Market Pulse research and crowned Samsung's Galaxy S9+ with the best selling smartphone in the world title.

In the list of top ten, the majority belonged to Apple with all the recent launches in the list. Samsung's Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 got the top two ranks, followed by Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone 8. iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 reserved the seventh and ninth position respectively.

Aadhaar number no longer mandatory to register for a new mobile number

The Department of Telecom (DoT) released a circular on Tuesday asking all telecom operators to work on a mechanism that employs Virtual IDs instead of the sensitive biometric data. This step will help UIDAI restrict the massive flow of data to major telecom companies. The companies will now have to use Virtual IDs and Limited KYC, which essentially mask user data and hence avoids blatant sharing of sensitive data.

The implementation of this new service launched by UIDAI is due on July 1. Telecom companies are expected to make the necessary changes in their data verification method.

Uber launches Uber Lite, a slimmed down version of the ride-hailing app

Uber, in a quest to be on every mobile device, has come up with a Lite-version of its much popular ride-hailing app. The move is touted to assist travelers in booking a ride even when they are facing bad connectivity. While the full version of the app consumes almost 180 MB space on IOS devices and 40 MB on Android phones, the slimmed down version is expected to be just around 5 MB.

The app is first being piloted in Indian markets; and if successful, it might be rolled out to international markets. The minimal version of the app saves space, is compatible with all major carriers, and works on even the most basic mobile devices.