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WEF 2019: Poll signals widespread support for globalization

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BusinessToday.In | January 21, 2019

The theme for this year's World Economic Forum meet at the Swiss town of Davos is Globalisation 4.0. A poll for the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2019 has shown that there is widespread support for globalization. The survey was  conducted across 10,000 people in 29 countries who answered questions about globalization 4.0.

Some of the findings were as follows:

Majority agrees that countries should help one another. That reaction was particularly strong in South and East Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa

Most countries view migration as positive except Europe.

Another interesting finding was that countries considered each other collaborators more than competition. Latin America, South Asia and North America are notably strong in this sentiment.

Most countries are in favour of collaborative leadership and relate it directly to better personal outcomes. When asked whether new technology was beneficial, those who agreed far outnumbered those who disagreed. But the most popular response in all regions was one of ambivalence.

And do citizens feel threatened by technology? Workers outside South Asia aren't expecting to be replaced by the bots any time soon.

Most countries are critical about their education systems and feel much more is needed to be done so that many are not left behind.

Respondents outside South Asia have a problem with social mobility, which is defined as the likelihood that someone born poor might become rich. This sentiment is strongest in Europe and Latin America.

Most agree that the benefits of globalization won't reach everyone unless the right government policies are in force. More action is definitely required.

It is against this backdrop of overriding support for globalisation that the annual meet has begun. Although some of the key characters of this political and economic jamboree are missing, all eyes will be on Davos for some solutions to emerge.

Founder Klaus Schwab summed it up saying, a "re-moralisation" of globalisation is needed. He said globalisation produced many "winners" over the last generation or so. "But now we have to look after the losers, after those who have been left behind".
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