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twitter-logo PTI        Last Updated: June 11, 2019  | 10:53 IST

(Eds: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an arrangement with PR Newswire. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.) GURUGRAM, India, June 10, 2019/PRNewswire/ -- The ancient science of Ayurveda has been around for centuries and the fact that its treatment has no adverse side effects has turned more and more people across the globe in favor of Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. With its roots in India, this natural healthcare system fosters a balanced and dynamic integration of body, mind and soul, while incorporating all modern lifestyle factors. In Ayurveda, every herb has a certain therapeutic action having a major impact on one of the three primary forces or doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) which play an important role in our life. All of us harness the powers of these in varied proportions, which forms the basis of our nature and health. An imbalance within these forces can lead to physical and mental illness. Keeping this in mind, 1mg has introduced a one-stop information portal in both Hindi and English (, having thoroughly researched and useful information on Ayurvedic ingredients along with several natural remedies for various health problems. The extraordinary research and evidence-based content is curated based on top-notch scientific evidence as well as Ayurvedic expertise, and draws influence from the research team of Patanjali on Ayurveda and Yoga, with an intention to promote better health and wellbeing. The content generated is further simplified by Ayurvedic doctors and edited by medical editors through an extensive review process to make it simple and easy to understand. With over 180 ingredients discussed at length, and close to 800+ articles on home remedies, natural herbs and healthy food, this portal strengthens 1mg's ongoing initiatives to propagate the knowledge of Ayurveda across the globe. Prashant Tandon, CEO and Co-founder, said, "Ayurveda as a concept has tremendous power for impacting human wellbeing, but continues to suffer from low adoption, particularly among health-conscious Indians. The primary reason for this has been lack of awareness and a credible information source. We saw this as an existing gap and started working towards consolidating evidence-based Ayurveda information at one place so it is understandable and accessible by our consumers. We have created a unique platform for quality information on Ayurveda and the power of nature to help live a healthy life. You can access all information about natural herbs with full detailed and validated scientific literature. We believe there is a tremendous power in nature: but a lot of misconceptions, distorted information and unqualified practitioners have created a situation where consumers are not sure if they can trust the information. We have tried to create an information platform to dispel the myths and bring forth the transparent facts." 1mg has made its mark across the Country for being a pioneer in online pharmacy market, with over 22 million app downloads and 200 million monthly page views. 1mg provides information regarding allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic medicines, nutrition supplements as well as diagnostic services from certified labs. It has made health care accessible to millions by giving them quality care at affordable prices and claims to have more than 10 million unique users every month on its platform. Source: 1mg Technologies Pvt. Ltd. PWR PWR

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