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Goel attacks Kejriwal govt over issue of full statehood

twitter-logo PTI        Last Updated: April 28, 2019  | 18:33 IST

New Delhi, Apr 28 (PTI) Senior BJP leader and Union Minister Vijay Goel Sunday attacked the Arvind Kejriwal government on the issue of full statehood to the national capital, saying it was possible only through a constitutional amendment. Goel said the Aam Aadmi Party had failed on all fronts and Chief Minister Kejriwal was raking up the statehood issue to hide failures and blame the Centre. "For Delhi to have full statehood, a constitutional amendment is required and that is only possible through two-thirds majority. A party which has four MPs and out of whom two have left, cannot do that. Even the Congress party with which it was trying to have an alliance, did not support him (Kejriwal) in the issue. He has tried to create anarchy. He has raked up the issue only to make excuse and hide his failures," Goel said at a press conference. He said the BJP advocates the issue of full statehood but consultation with all the stakeholders was necessary and consensus needed. When asked about AAP candidate Atishi Marlena filing complaint against BJP candidate Gautam Gambhir for allegedly enrolling as a voter in more than one constituency, Goel said,"She is losing the poll, so she is raising these technical issues. Why will a celebrity like Gambhir do this. He won't in any way benefit by having two identity card." Goel said there is despair in the AAP as it will finish in third place in the elections and that is why they are rasing technical issues. The union minister said the AAP has only one issue of full statehood in all the seven Lok Sabha seats it is contesting in Delhi. "The issue of full statehood being raked up by the AAP is a pretense. A misunderstanding is being created and the public is being misled. The Kejriwal-led government came to power opposing the issue of corruption by the Congress and from that time he has said 50 times that we will turn the city into London and Paris. "For the past four-and-half years, he (Kejriwal) did not speak about this issue. Initially he raised the issue of Jan Lokpal, which has not seen the light of day. Now, he is saying full statehood to Delhi. I want to say this clearly that Kejriwal has done everything to ensure that Delhi does not get full statehood," Goel said. The BJP leader said Kejriwal has been fighting the people since he took charge as chief minister. "He (Kejriwal) called a constable 'thulla' and the PM a psychopath. He has fought everybody -- Public Works Department officers, police commissioner, the Lieutenant-Governor, the media, the finance minister and the prime minister. "A government which is fighting all the time with the Centre and not doing any development work, is confusing the people. This is the same government which had resigned over the issue of Jan Lokpal in 49 days. If Kejriwal felt that he was not able to do work due to the issue of statehood, he should have resigned so that other government would have done some development in the national capital. "He knocked the doors of the high court and the Supreme Court. Now, even the apex court has clarified that the (administrative) power lies with the Centre and the LG and he (Kejriwal) has only limited rights," Goel said. Goel said if a government keeps on a collision course with the Centre then whatever possibility of statehood is there that too would be hampered. "Till date CCTVs cameras have not been installed, no new hospital built, condition of schools is bad. Electricity, water, transport, environment, pollution nothing has been dealt with. Not a single bus added. "Asian Development Bank has given Rs 2200 crore, Japan International Agency has given Rs 2,000 crore waste water treatment and green cess of Rs 1,100 crore is lying unused. Fifty-two thousand houses are being built for the poor, but not a single letter issued," he said. PTI PKS PKS IND IND

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