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Hardware-based Security - Trusted Partner for Connected World

twitter-logo PTI        Last Updated: May 22, 2019  | 10:23 IST

(Eds: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an arrangement with PR Newswire. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.) BANGALORE, May 22, 2019/PRNewswire/ -- Rambus Presents a Technical Seminar on 'Insights to Hardware Security: Threats and Solutions', Co-hosted by IESA India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), the premier industry body for the Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) industry in the country, and Rambus Chip Technology - a world leader of hardware security IPs - presents a technical seminar on 'Insights to Hardware Security - Threats and Solutions' in Bangalore, India on Thursday, May 23, 2019. The seminar aims to help technical and management personnel in automotive, defense, and other industries understand the serious threats presented by side-channel attacks and fault injection vulnerabilities. In addition to technical presentations, live and video demonstrations of hardware vulnerabilities will be shown including SPA and DPA attacks on hardware implementations of cryptographic algorithms, and a fault injection attack on the secure boot of an automotive instrument cluster. Solutions against these attacks, including DPA-resistant silicon cores and software libraries, secure embedded root-of-trust solutions, and key management and provisioning for embedded security will be presented. (Logo: ) Speaking about the Seminar, K. Krishna Moorthy, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director of Rambus India Design Center, said, "Rambus is a world leader in Hardware Security and provides trusted digital secure solutions. Side-channel attacks through power line leaks and other sources of system generated noise foot prints have weakened HW systems. Differential Power Analysis (DPA) patented by Rambus and associated hardening techniques innovated by Rambus today protects assets worldwide today. We also enable Root of Trust (RoT) Secure Cores Inside Processor Cores or SoC's. Hardware level security is of utmost importance in today's connected world. Secure Key provisioning dynamically is the associated technology Rambus pioneered to supplement is ROT Cores. The Seminar would share insights about the solutions available to keep your data protected at the hardware level." Rajesh Ram Mishra, President, IESA, stated "In the connected digital world where billions of devices interact, share critical data, manage critical operations and do financial transactions, security threats to these devices and systems are increasing. Security implemented at Hardware level for encryption, decryption authentication and storing of critical data can be more robust than those implemented in software. Critical infrastructure security is a growing area of concern around the world. At IESA we are working with our member community in defining the framework for millions of Secured Identification and Financial Transactions devices that are going to be deployed in India to make them highly secured from hardware level upwards. Rambus is one of the world leading player in implementing Root of Trust in a separate core that works in conjunction with standard CPUs to improve security of a system by avoiding speculative performance enhancement feature of normal processors that make them vulnerable to attach by rouge code. IESA is happy to partner with Rambus on this Tech Seminar focusing on Hardware Security that could lead to design of highly secured product for digital India." About Rambus: Rambus Inc. is one of the world's premier technology licensing companies. As a company of inventors, we focus on the development of technologies that enrich the end-user experience of electronic systems. Since 1990, our patented innovations, breakthrough technologies, and renowned integration expertise have helped leading chip and system companies to bring superior products to market. Our technology and products solve complex chip and system level interface challenges and enable unprecedented performance in computing, communications, and consumer electronics applications. About India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA): India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) is the premier industry body committed to the development of the Indian Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) ecosystem. The IESA's vision is to bring stakeholders from the Indian industry, government and academia on a common platform to work towards making the Indian ESDM sector globally competent. The IESA's member base of 350+ companies represent a spectrum from Large Global Corporations to Large, SMEs and Start-ups from Domestic Technology companies in ESDM space, including Academic Institutions and Venture Capital firms. Source: India Electronics & Semiconductor Association PWR PWR

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