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PM tears into LDF govt in Kerala over Sabarimala issue;conduct "one of the most shameful behaviour"

twitter-logo PTI        Last Updated: January 15, 2019  | 21:22 IST

(Eds: incorporating CPI-M reax) Kollam(Ker), Jan 15 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday tore into the CPI(M)-led LDF government in Kerala over its conduct in the Sabarimala temple issue, saying this will go down as "one of the most shameful behaviour" by any party and government in the country. Modi also took on the Congress, which heads the United Democratic Front(UDF), asserting it has multiple stands on the issue of girls and women in the menstruating age group of 10-50 years offering prayers at the Ayyappa shrine in Sabarimala in Pathanamthitta district after the Supreme Court last year lifted the centuries-old ban on their entry. As the BJP seeks to expand its footprint in Kerala, Modi also said that both the Left Democratic Front(LDF) and the UDF are "two sides of the same coin" on the issue of communalism, corruption and casteism. Modi said for the last few months, the entire nation has been talking about Sabarimala. ''The conduct of Kerala LDF government on the Sabarimala issue will go down in history as one of the most shameful behaviour by any party and government," he told a gathering of BJP workers after officially declaring open the much-awaited 13-km long two-lane Kollam bypass on National Highway-66. "We know that the communists do not respect the Indian history, culture and spirituality but nobody imagined they would have such hatred." Modi's blistering attack on the Left sparked criticism from the CPI-M which said it is "shameful" that Modi attacked the LDF government for implementing Supreme Court's order on Sabarimala. "Modi should read the Indian constitution which he is sworn to uphold rather than Manusmriti or RSS oath!," the CPI-M said in a tweet, "And Modi should stop giving lectures on culture and history. Modi, Your culture is Hitlerís culture! Donít disturb Godís Own Country by your hate!," it said. The Kerala government had said it was duty-bound to implement the top court's orders amid massive protests against the verdict and the women who reached Sabarimala. Targeting both the LDF and UDF, Modi said Kerala has "become hostage to corruption and communalism" of the two rival fronts. Slamming the "multiple stand" taken by the Congress and the UDF, Modi urged them to clear their stand on the Sabarimala issue. "The UDF is no better. The Congress has multiple stands. They say one thing in Parliament but a different thing in Pathanamthitta (where the Lord Ayyappa shrine is located). They say one thing on Monday and a different thing on another day," he said. "I challenge the UDF, clearly state your stand on the issue. Your doublespeak has been exposed." The BJP's stand on this issue has 'always' been clear, he said. "The actions of our party match our words. If there is one party that has been at the forefront of standing with Kerala and its culture, it is BJP," he added. Modi said the Congress and Communists were talking about gender justice in the Sabarimala issue but their actions were "just opposite." "The Left and the Congress make tall claims about respect to gender justice and social justice. But their actions are exactly the opposite," he added. "They are different in name, but in damaging Kerala's cultural fabric, they are the same. UDF and LDF are different names but in political violence they are the same. Different in name, but in neglecting Kerala's yuvashakthi, they are the same." "On one hand NDA goverment at the Centre is working day and night for the people of Kerala. But it pains me no end that the Kerala of spirituality and tranquility, the Kerala of harmony and happiness has become hostage to the corruption and communalism of two alliances-- the LDF and UDF," he said. He accused the respective fronts of being engaged in "vote bank politics" by supporting triple talaq. Modi also criticised UDF constituent Indian Union Muslim League's(IUML) stand on the recent 10 per cent reservation for poor sections of society. Triple talaq was a "big injustice to women" which has been banned by several Islamic nations, he said, and asked why India should have the practice. "The NDA government has been working towards abolishing triple talaq. Who is opposing us on this. The Communists and the Congress," he said. "...driven by votebank politics, Congress and Communists support it. The people of Kerala should ask the LDF and UDF why are they supporting a practice that causes injustice to women," he said. On the NDA's 10 per cent reservation for economically weaker sections, he recalled it was passed by a 'historic' majority in Parliament. "We believe that every Indian of any caste, creed or community deserves equal opportunity. We have also made provisions to increase the number of seats in institutions so that justice is done to all sections," he said. However, the IUML opposed it, he said. "Do you know which party opposed it tooth and nail. It is the IUML, the second largest partner of the UDF. We want to work towards social justice but the UDF does not agree with us," he said. He accused both party-led fronts of "ignoring the poor." Indicating that the BJP could make better strides in Kerala, he cited the example of Tripura where his party trumped the CPI (M) to form the government last year. "The UDF and LDF may laugh at us. To them I say, don't underestimate the BJP karyakarta. Your stones, your sticks, your violence cannot break the moral of the BJP karyakarta. "They should see what happened in Tripura. From zero, we formed the government there. What happened in Tripura will happen in Kerala," Modi said.PTI LGK RRT SA BN GSN GSN GSN

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