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Rahul Gandhi making sweetheart deals with fly-by-night operators for leading good life: BJP

twitter-logo PTI        Last Updated: April 3, 2019  | 20:17 IST

New Delhi, Apr 3 (PTI) The BJP on Wednesday targeted Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, alleging that he is leading a good life and taking foreign holidays without any substantial source of income by making "sweetheart deals" with fly-by-night operators. Addressing a press conference at the party office here, senior BJP leader and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in the past few days, some media organisations have reported some stories about the Congress president. "I have myself studied them personally and it is necessary to make the analysis public. This person (Rahul Gandhi) has not done any business in his life. But, he has been leading a good life, taking foreign holidays, etc." He further said a media expose has revealed that the family owned a farm house in South Delhi which is now owned by the brother and sister of current generation of the family. "Periodically tenancies are created in favour of persons many of whom needed help when the Congress-led UPA was in power. Amongst the names of the tenants, the critical person is Jignesh Shah of FTIL and real estate developer Sanjay Chandra of Unitech builder," Jaitley alleged, adding both of whom are accused in different economic offences. He further asked, "Who else would enter into such sweetheart deals' except the fly-by-night operators who needed state patronage." Hitting out at the Congress, Jaitley suggested that the party had launched a "capital creation programme" for the Gandhi family. Rentals were paid by obliging tenants in advance. It is unlikely that the tenants ever needed to live in Delhi because they have had no business operation in Delhi. Later in a blog, referring to Rahul Gandhi, Jaitley said this man makes reckless allegations without any basis. It was no rocket science for him to know who were conferring him the largesse. "He aspires to be a Prime Minister. Such aspirants, like Caesar's wife, must be beyond suspicion. They must be unsuspectable. With tainted hands, he must at least remember that 'people in glass houses do not throw stones'. The 'chowkidar' has finally caught a 'chor'," Jaitley wrote. PTI JTR SMN

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