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Souza's Painting Catalogue Set to Launch at the 'International Aspire Auction'

twitter-logoPTI | February 7, 2019 | Updated 13:12 IST

(Eds: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an arrangement with PR Newswire. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.) MUMBAI, February 7, 2019/PRNewswire/ -- ~The Legendary Portrait of Martim Afonso up for the public auction from February 8-16, 2019~ In a big Goa mansion, F.N. Souza began a series of his paintings that captured his life and emotions; unknown to everyone that they would garner world fame one day. Today, many own his avant-garde paintings and are yet waiting for the rarest one to go under the hammer, the time has arrived now. The famous Aspire Auction in Cleveland, Ohio, USA is scheduled with an exciting and rare set of Souza's pieces. From February 6, the 'Portrait of Martim Afonso', 1965, Acrylic on canvas will be up for public auction. In addition, the other paintings that will be up for private sale on Aspire Auction are 'My alter ego' and 'When you are old', the portrait of 'Village mother and child', 'European Cityscape' and 'Townscape of Croatia' are amongst the numerous thousands work that Souza produced in Goa at the Ancestral De Souza Mansion's as well as his home in London. According to the F.N. Souza International Fine Art foundation and family trust Inc. who has released these portraits for public and private auction, the portrait of 'Martim Afonso' holds great value for F.N. Souza and his family, as it represents Souza's affinity for Goan and Portuguese culture and history. In addition, F.N. Souza is a descendant of Portuguese Nobleman Martim Afonso De Souza. All the pieces placed for the February auction comes with a specific authenticity certificate which is signed and notarized by F.N. Souza during his last family vacations in Goa and Karwar, just a year before his passing. In 2008, his painting 'Birth' (1955) set a world auction record for the most expensive Indian painting sold till then by selling for US$2.5 million (INR 11.3 crore) at a Christie's auction. In 2015, the painting 'Birth' was resold at Christie's in New York, fetching more than US$ 4 million. The F.N. Souza famous masterpiece - 'Honeymoon in Goa' series are available at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai. Don't miss the big chance to own ones very own FN Souza painting. Link: Date: February 08-16, 2019 Link to the Aspire Auction:!/auctions/upcoming_auction/375 About F.N.Souza Born in to an aristocratic Roman Catholic family in Goa, Francis Newton Souza married Francis Patrick Souza's mother Barbara Maureen Zinkant in 1965 in London; soon after they relocated to New York City in 1967. The Souza lineage can be traced to the Portuguese royal family. Their roots are linked to Martim Affonso De Souza, the 12th Governor of Goa, appointed by Dom Joao the 3rd of Portugal, to rule Goa from 1542 to 1545. The Souza family own properties and mansions in many parts of Goa and are respected members of society that serve as judges, advocates, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and educationists. Today the De Souza's have settled over the length and breadth of the globe including Mumbai, Goa, Europe, Africa, America and Australia. On his frequent visits to Goa from the UK and New York Souza created thousands of works of art including, 'Women and Phoenix' (1950); 'Nude in Profile' (1952); 'Indian Women' (1954); Untitled 'Head of Man' (1957 & 1960) 'The Roman' (1966) and many more on canvas and cloth. Source: The F.N. Souza International Fine Art Foundation and Family Trust PWR PWR

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