Banks would pass into fgn hands if policy not changed: Reddy

Banks would pass into fgn hands if policy not changed: Reddy

Hyderabad, Feb 1 (PTI) Former Reserve Bank Governor Y V Reddy today said there is no "crisis" in the Indian banking system, but cautioned that Indian banks will eventually pass into foreign hands if there is no review of current policies.

The shareholding of foreign entities in the large private banks in India is over 70 per cent while in the public sector banks, government and LIC hold bulk ownership and foreigners own majority of the rest of the stake, Reddy said.

"We do not have 100 per cent government-owned banks. We have public sector banks with mixed ownership....Our banking system is predominantly owned by government, followed by foreigners and rest by Indians. I repeat, least by Indians," he said.

"Share of public sector banking is and will come down and under the current policy, that space will be occupied irrevocably by foreigner-owned banks unless there is a policy change," Reddy said, delivering a lecture at the Administrative Staff College of India here.

The current policy of ownership and governance in banking needs to be reviewed urgently to correct the outdated and distorted policies and this should be done before the banking system passes on to foreign owners, he said.

He also opined that there is a need to reduce the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) and the Cash Reserve Ratio to international levels for global competitiveness in the system.

"In brief, there is no crisis in banking, but banks are over-burdened with policy-induced obligations. The first step for improving our banking system is a commitment to reduce SLR and CRR to global levels as soon as possible. We can not have globally competitive economy with over-burdened banking system," he said.

On NPAs, Reddy said not all defaulters are "cheats" but the chance of default increases if there are no incentives for repayment.

"A high-level internal inquiry within the RBI should be undertaken to fix the responsibility for excesses in NPAs in the recent years and more important, to suggest and adopt measures to improve the system as whole," he said. PTI GDK KRK