WDM witnesses trade worth Rs 1,228.04 cr on NSE

Mumbai, May 11 (PTI) Wholesale debt market segment of the National Stock Exchange today witnessed a total turnover of Rs 1,228.04 crore in 38 trades.

Top securities (nn-repo) traded at the WDM were:

The 7.68 per cent Government security maturing in CG2023 traded value of Rs 134.60 crore at weighted yield of 7.83 per cent, the 7.73 per cent Government security maturing in CG2034 traded value of Rs 127.90 crore at weighted yield of 8.07 per cent and the 6.84 per cent Government security maturing in CG2022 traded value of Rs 100.00 crore at weighted yield of 7.81 per cent.

During the trading week ended today, total turnover was Rs 6,020.31 crore and the total number of trades was 154.

The highest trade volume during the week was at Rs 1504.91 crore as on May 08, while the lowest was Rs.853.86 crore as on May 10.

This week, the weighted yield on government securities with a maturity period of 0-3 years, 3-7 years, 7-10 years and more than 10 years quoted at 7.34 per cent, 7.72 per cent, 7.69 per cent and 7.96 respectively.

The weighted yields on treasury bills maturing for the 91-182 days and 183-365 days quoted at 6.25 per cent and 6.65 per cent.

During the week, the cumulative value of government securities, treasury bills and state government securities trading on WDM was Rs 3,981.31 crore, representing 66.13 per cent of the total traded value.

Trading in non-government securities was at Rs2039.00 crore, representing 33.87 per cent, an NSE release said.