Second orbit raising manoeuvre of Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft performed: ISRO

Bengaluru, Jul 26 (PTI) The second earth-bound orbit raising manoeuvre for Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was performed in the early hours of Friday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said.The manoeuvre was carried out at 1.08 am using the on-board propulsion system for a firing duration of 883 seconds, the space agency said in a statement.With this effort, the spacecraft was pushed to an orbit of 251 X 54,829 km, it said.ISRO announced that all the parameters of the spacecraft were normal.The third orbit raising manoeuvre will be performed on July 29 afternoon.The ambitious project of sending a spacecraft with a moonlander and a rover was launched on July 22 afternoon.The ISRO is aiming for a soft landing of the lander (spacecraft) in the South Pole region of the moon where no country has gone so far.The earth-bound manoeuvres had started from Wednesday and it will culminate into Trans Lunar Insertion, scheduled on August 14, 2019, which will send the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft to the moon.If successful, it will make India the fourth country after Russia, the US and China to pull off a soft landing on the moon. PTI GMS SS IJT