Tips to keep sailing through odd-even scenario

(Eds: Disclaimer: The following content is a press release. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.) In a bid to combat the persistent bad air quality, Delhis government introduced the 3rd edition of the Odd-Even scheme in Delhi, which came into force on 4th November and will continue until the 15th of November. The introduction of the 3rd edition of the traffic rationing scheme has an aptitude to curb the bad air quality of the city. This looks like a step in the right direction as the city's pollution has been brought down by 62% on the first day of the odd-even scheme.To make odd-even sustainable, shared mobility companies will play an important role by creating products that people can use as a substitute for their own car. Self-drive car -sharing companies like Revv and Zoomcar, and self-drive car renting platforms are part of an effort to make self-drive more accessible and convenient during a time of heightened traffic woes in the city,Here are quick tips that can help you continue to sail through the odd-even scenario:1) Utilizing public transport- Using public transport is also one of the most quintessential methods. The scheme motivates people to use public transport like metros and buses to their workplaces. Also, helps in reducing CO2 emissions and better air quality, besides being easy on your pocket.2) Carpooling: Incase one must use a car to travel for personal or professional pursuit, carpooling is indeed the best alternative and finest solution. Check with your neighbors, colleagues or simply hire from a carpool aggregator to reach your destination. 3) Request for flexible working hours: Corporates and other firms are extending their employees with flexible working hours and work-from-home options. Utilize the benefit to a maximum so that you are not on the road during peak traffic hours.4) Invest in a good air purifier: Outdoor air quality also affects the quality of air indoors, and it may be a wise idea to invest in a good air purifier as per the recommendation by the health authorities to keep the air quality index under check, be it your car, office or home- use it extensively to keep the air purified.5) Show your concern to the environment: Since more and more vehicles add to the pollution every day, plant more trees so that they can add to the green cover of the city, stall any unnecessary construction and keep the dense areas watered well so that the dust doesnt add to the pollution. Most importantly stay indoors as much as possible to avoid particulate matters entering into your system.The article has been authored by the founders of Revv, the fastest growing shared mobility platform in India PWRPWR