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July 8, 2008
ITAS Media unveiled Auto Bild India at a glittering ceremony on June 27. ITAS Media is a joint venture between the India Today Group and German media powerhouse Axel Springer.

Yogendra Pratap
July 7, 2008
Not only do hybrids utilise energy more efficiently, they also store some of the extra energy generated by the combustion of fuel and use it at times when the internal combustion engine is not running at optimal capacity.

Vikrant Singh
July 7, 2008
Our auto expert tries to tame the extremely powerful, brand new Yamaha R15 on the race tracks of Chennai and ends up shaken but safe. The verdict: India has never had a bike as good as this one.
June 8, 2008
The roads here are not properly mapped yet, nor are there any agencies that stream data on traffic conditions. Until that happens, PPS or PGS (people guidance systems) seem to be the best solution instead of GPS.

Vikrant Singh
June 8, 2008
The new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti has to be driven to be believed. It’s that good.
May 31, 2008
The Accord has been moving up the evolutionary ladder as well, with each successive generation. With more powerful if not larger engines, with more space and luxury features, it has slowly been inching up the luxury scale and the latest Accord is another step in its upward journey.

Vikrant Singh
May 23, 2008
The famous Ducati bikes are coming to India soon. But they have some good competition as well. Get set for a feast.
May 15, 2008
If you are going to be driving over 2,500 km a month, then it makes sense to buy a diesel car, to even out your EMIs. Less than that, stick to petrol for the time being.Luxury and, now, even sports cars are increasingly being fuelled by diesel.
May 2, 2008
If you have a car with ABS, you can brake with all your might and steer the car at the same time—something that would not have been possible in a car without ABS. Air bags also make you safe but can also be lethal. They do not make safer if you aren’t belted in.
April 18, 2008
Automotic boxes have evolved over the years and at times now, offer even better fuel efficiency than manual gearboxes on the same cars. I am all for automatics in the high density traffic situations where the relief from constantly changing gears is most welcome.

Yogendra Pratap
March 31, 2008
ABS is a must in Indian driving conditions, but advanced stability systems are not as important as in the developed world because here the overall speeds are much lower.
January 1, 1970
Top cars in your budget: Rs 3-8 lakh

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