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Avneet Kaur
New Delhi, December 8, 2016
Deputy Governor R Gandhi said that during the period between, 10 November and 5 December 2016, the RBI has supplied banknotes of various denominations worth Rs 3.81 lakh crore to the public. The pieces of lower denomination notes supplied by the RBI stood at 1,910 crore.

Avneet Kaur
December 5, 2016
Foreign investors have pulled out funds from capital markets due to fears of rate hike by the US Federal Reserve in December, uncertainty over US ties with emerging markets post Donald Trump's victory, and concerns over the impact of demonetisation on economic growth and corporate earnings.

Avneet Kaur
New Delhi, December 2, 2016
The government's financial position improved because of a smart increase in receipts - both revenue and capital - and a moderation in the growth of expenditure.

Research by: Avneet Kaur Graphic by: Tanmoy Chakraborty
November 29, 2016
India is heavily dependent on cash for its daily transactions. The Modi government's demonetisation drive could impact the Indian economy

Avneet Kaur
November 27, 2016
Companies will need to become comfortable with sharing more tax data with authorities far and wide. More jurisdictions having unfettered access to more data will lead to heightened focus on transfer pricing and greater risk of controversy.

Avneet Kaur
New Delhi, November 25, 2016
Those currently invested in debt funds are advised to remain invested and people with ample idle money should also concentrate on investing their surplus funds.

Avneet Kaur
November 23, 2016
A total of 1,377 URLs of social media websites and webpages were blocked in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 (up to 30th October 2016) under section 69A of the IT Act. Data from Ministry of Electronics and Information and Information further shows that a total of 1,670 URLs of social media websites were blocked in compliance with the directions of the competent Courts of India during the same period.

Avneet Kaur
November 17, 2016
Out of BSE 500 companies, 291 companies-- excluding BFSI and Oil & Gas companies -- showed clear signs of improvement in bottom line in the second quarter of FY17. Net profit for this group showed a healthy growth of 9 per cent over the corresponding quarter last year. The y-o-y percentage growth in the same period last year was 2.61 per cent.

Avneet Kaur
November 9, 2016
At present there are Rs 17,77,295 crore worth of notes and coins in circulation as per RBI's database on Indian Economy. Rs 1,000 currency notes comprise 37 per cent and Rs 500 currency notes add up to 47 per cent of total value of notes and coins in circulation.

By Niti Kiran & Avneet Kaur
New Delhi, November 1, 2016
Discernible trends from an analysis of BT500 data

By Niti Kiran & Avneet Kaur
Delhi, October 29, 2016
When we decided to tweak the methodology of the BT500 this year, it was only the third time in our flagship listing's 24-year history.

Research by: Avneet Kaur Graphic by: Tanmoy Chakraborty
October 19, 2016

Avneet Kaur
New Delhi, October 14, 2016
Data released by Internet World Stats shows that internet penetration in the world has almost touched the 50 per cent mark. Asia has highest number of internet users and accounts for half of total internet users in the world.

Avneet Kaur
October 5, 2016
Q3 CY2016 witnessed 232 M&A deals to the tune of $24,673 million, an increase of 242 per cent, compared to $7,206 million raised from 254 deals in Q3 CY2015. While deal value picked up for domestic M&As from $1.5 billion to more than $20 billion, outbound deal value slipped by 58 per cent during the quarter.

By Avneet Kaur
Delhi, October 2, 2016
We bring you tips for making a financial plan so that you can lead a stress-free life.

Sarika Malhotra
September 22, 2016
As women are climbing up the corporate ladder and impacting their business and society like never before, selecting them is getting even tougher.

Graphic by: Tanmoy Chakraborty Text by: Avneet Kaur
September 7, 2016
Indians are growing their wealth faster than the world average.

by Avneet Kaur
New Delhi, September 5, 2016
We bring you a list of checks you must do before zeroing in on a property, whether online or offline.

Graphic by: Tanmoy Chakraborty Research by: Avneet Kaur
August 31, 2016
Food prices might be going up, but the Indian farmer hardly gets to reap the benefits of the rising prices of his produce.

Avneet Kaur
August 12, 2016
Equities are known to generate huge returns if you bet on right stocks. Here is an attempt to check which stocks have made you richer in last five years.

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