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Anick Jesdanun and Brandon Bailey
Cupertino, October 17, 2014
The new iPad Air 2, at a quarter of an inch \"thin\", also adds many of the features previously available on Apple's iPhones.

Nidhi Singal
October 21, 2014
We bring you some of the best gifts you can purchase this festive season for yourself and your loved ones.

Ransdell Pierson
September 1, 2014
The new iPhone will simplify mobile payment by including a special communication chip, along with a fingerprint recognition reader, the source said.

New York, August 21, 2014
The 7-inch Wi-Fi tablet will sell for US $179 after a US $20 instant rebate, the same entry price of the non-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. It will offer access to both, the Nook app store and the Google Play store for Android apps.

Anick Jesdanun
New York, April 10, 2014
The company's new flagship smartphone has plenty of innovations, including water resistance, a heart rate sensor and a fingerprint reader to bypass security passcodes.

Arpita Mukherjee
April 12, 2014
According to industry body FICCI, the Indian publishing industry, which is worth Rs 12,000 crore, is currently growing at a compound annual growth rate of 25 per cent.

Barbara Ortutay and Michael Liedtke
New York, February 20, 2014
\"People are going to look at this and say, `Uh-oh, did they pay way too much for this?,\" said Anthony Michael Sabino, a St. John's University business professor.

Nidhi Singal
February 5, 2014
You might miss the feeling of a real book, turning its pages and its smell. But surely this new front-lit e-reader will overshadow all your fascination about real books.

Associated Press
New York, November 22, 2013
As for Kit Kat, the most useful improvement is its new phone dialer. It's an acknowledgement that few people know phone numbers anymore.
October 31, 2013
Gadgets and Gizmos lists out offers gadget makers are banking on to lure customers this festive season.

Nandagopal Rajan
July 11, 2013
When the OS comes to life, the tweaks become so obvious. There are no grids here to navigate, just a carousel to flip through the apps and books.

BT Online Bureau
July 2, 2013
Google on Monday said goodbye to its news story service' Reader', a free service that would gather headlines and articles from your favorite websites into a single place.

Nandagopal Rajan
June 13, 2013
The seven-inch tablet will be available at a suggested retail price of Rs 15,999 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9'' will be available at Rs 21,999.

BT Online Bureau
San Francisco , March 26, 2013
The London startup, created by 17-year-old Nick D'Aloisio makes it easy to read news stories and other content on a smartphone screen.

Taslima Khan
February 15, 2013
Digital entrepreneurs are developing a host of mobile-based value-added services for everything from entertainment to payments and advertising, which could potentially change the way millions use their mobile phones. Business Today looks at some digital firms which will be at the vanguard of this mobile revolution.

Nidhi Singal
February 1, 2013
Business Today compares BlackBerry's latest operating system with rival platforms from Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Nidhi Singal
December 12, 2012
Accelerated development of smartphone hardware has made dents across industries, prompting manufacturers of cameras, radios, music players, navigators and even computers to innovate to stay relevant.
October 13, 2012
Can you please recommend a good phone that costs around Rs 25,000? Also, what is the price of the Sony Xperia P in the Indian market? What are the other good options available?
October 11, 2012
A flow of global news in pacy bits

Nidhi Singal & Nandagopal Rajan
October 6, 2012
Gadgets & Gizmos pits Apple's New iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook against each other to see how they fare in a faceoff.

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