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March 31, 2021
The technical standards, published by surveillance research group IPVM, specify how data captured by facial recognition cameras across China should be segmented by dozens of characteristics - from eyebrow size to skin color and ethnicity

March 19, 2021
The team, including researchers from University of California San Diego in the US, note that their simulations suggest that the mutating virus dies out naturally more than three-quarters of the time without causing an epidemic

March 6, 2021
The cases were detected in Aba prefecture in the southwestern province of Sichuan, and the city of Xiangyang in the central province of Hubei

New Delhi, February 11, 2021
Investigators of the World Health Organization (WHO), who were in China's Wuhan city to find out about the origin of coronavirus, are still figuring out the origins of the virus. One possibility is that the deadly virus may have originated outside the country and brought to China through import of frozen foods. The team also rejected the theory of virus getting leaked from a lab, calling it 'extremely unlikely' and said further studies were not required on this. China had received flak from a lot of quarters, including the then US President Donald Trump, for not informing the world about the virus and trying to cover up deaths in the Hubei province, where infections were first reported. Watch the video for more on the mystery surrounding the virus.Also Read: British health expert warns UK COVID-19 variant will 'sweep the world'

February 10, 2021
China had received flak from a lot of quarters, including the then US President Donald Trump, for not informing the world about the virus and trying to cover up deaths in the Hubei province.

January 25, 2021
Google's CEO Sundar Pichai says, to help with mass vaccination efforts, starting in the United States, Google will make select facilities such as buildings, parking lots and open spaces available to anyone eligible for the vaccine based on state and local guidelines

December 30, 2020
Around 4.4 per cent of those tested were found to have specific antibodies that are capable of fighting off the pathogen that causes coronavirus. This indicates that they might have been infected sometime in the past

November 30, 2020
Tibet has about 200 million kWh of water resources, accounting for 30 per cent of the total in China. The 60 million kWh hydropower exploitation of the Yarlung Zangbo river could provide 300 billion kWh of clean and renewable electricity annually

October 10, 2020
China was the first to report the outbreak, identified the pathogen and shared the genome sequence with the world, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson

September 23, 2020
The US President has called the novel coronavirus as China's virus before as well

New Delhi, June 30, 2020
The fake gold bars are equivalent to 22 per cent of China's annual gold production and 4.2 per cent of the China's gold reserve as of 2019

June 7, 2020
According to the whitepaper, after the COVID-19 was identified by a hospital in Wuhan on December 27, the local government called experts to look into the cases through an analysis of the patients' condition and clinical outcome

June 5, 2020
Last three COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, capital of the Hubei Province, have recovered and been discharged from a hospital, state-run People's Daily reported on Friday

New Delhi, May 28, 2020
Coronavirus vaccine update: Even though these candidate vaccines have produced encouraging results in early stages, a clearer picture can only emerge when a diverse population gets tested

May 28, 2020
On Wednesday, Chinese scientists dismissed the reports that the deadly virus which struck Wuhan and later turned into a pandemic paralysing the world originated in the seafood market in Wuhan

New Delhi, May 25, 2020
Covid-19 Vaccine Latest Update: After Moderna, China's Cansino Biologics claims encouraging results

New Delhi, May 21, 2020
Coronavirus update: Wuhan city officials also said that the local administration would take part in the national scheme to buy out breeders in order to curb breeding of exotic animals

May 18, 2020
Asymptomatic cases pose a problem as the patients are tested COVID-19 positive but develop no symptoms such as fever, cough or sore throat. However, they pose a risk of spreading the disease to others

Associated Press
May 14, 2020
A major state-owned news website, Jiemian, said it had obtained an implementation plan for the city's Wuchang district that said all residents should be tested by May 20

May 12, 2020
Despite the increasing number of new infection cases, Chinese medical experts said that clustered infections in Wuhan, Hubei Province and Shulan, Jilin Province are sporadic and don't imply a second wave is looming

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