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February 23, 2021
NASA latest Mars mission: Perseverance became the fifth NASA rover to touch the surface of Mars almost seven months after its take-off

February 19, 2021
Almost seven months after its takeoff to Mars, Perseverance is the fifth NASA rover to touch the Martian surface after Sojourner-twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity and Curiosity

February 2, 2021
As the senior White House appointee at NASA, Lal served as a member of the Biden Presidential Transition Agency Review Team for the agency and oversaw its transition under the new Presidency

January 19, 2021
NASA said that the \"matter in the neutron star is packed together so tightly that a sugar-cube-sized amount of neutron star material would weigh more than 1 billion tonnes\"

Vivek Dubey
January 11, 2021
The application has been appreciated by NASA for its pathfinding capability, terrain texture, and 3-D scene implementation. The team has now been invited to engage with industry leaders and NASA leadership in a two-day event culminating in February 2021

January 6, 2021
The three smaller asteroids have been dubbed 2021 AC, 2021 AJ and 2018 KP1 with diameters of 73.5 metres, 19.5 metres and 41 metres, respectively. If they were to impact the Earth, they wouldn't pose much threat to anyone

September 6, 2020
ISRO had planned another mission to Moon later this year; coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have hit several of ISRO's projects and delayed missions

August 15, 2020
Students who are wishing to participate are expected to design and build hardware which would allow astronauts to harvest water on the Moon and Mars

July 24, 2020
The telescope called ASTHROS (astrophysics stratospheric telescope for high spectral resolution observations at submillimeter-wavelengths) has been built by NASA to study the gases around newly-formed giant stars

New Delhi, December 3, 2019
Chandrayaan 2: Anand Mahindra took on a Twitter user who said that Shanmuga Subramanian had only used the images from NASA to discover lander Vikram

New Delhi, November 5, 2019
Despite govt claims, pollution in Delhi is one of the worst in the world; Centre's pollution monitoring agency says Delhi's air quality was at 381 (very poor) level on Tuesday morning, while it was at 588 (severe) on Monday

November 2, 2019
Sivan also said that ISRO's other space missions, including sending a probe to the Sun and humans to space, are on track

New Delhi, October 31, 2019
Delhi pollution:The Air Quality of Delhi has slipped to \"severe\" category post-Diwali. On Thursday, the overall AQI stood at 471 in the national capital

October 24, 2019

New Delhi, October 18, 2019
US Space agency NASA has just launched its new-generation spacesuits which can be worn by both men and women on the moon and Mars. This is the first time spacesuits have been made with women in mind. Checkout the technology and design of the spacesuits.

New Delhi, October 17, 2019
NASA scientists are expected to release these pictures after proper evaluation in the next five days; if LROC is successful in capturing the exact location of Vikram, ISRO will be able to identify what went wrong with it

New Delhi, October 16, 2019
Delhi air pollution: Parts of Delhi have already slipped into the 'very poor' category. The capital's air quality index (AQI) bordered on 'very poor' on Wednesday.

New Delhi, October 15, 2019
Chandrayaan 2 Vikram lander: The landing site of Vikram on the Moon would be exposed to Sun again, and there arechances that NASA would be able to pinpoint the exact location of the spacecraft

September 27, 2019

new, September 27, 2019
Chandrayaan 2: NASA releases high-resolution pictures of landing site; says Vikram lander had 'hard landing' The United States' premier space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has said the Chandrayaan-2's Vikram lander had a \"hard landing\" on the Moon's surface. The agency, however, could not verify the exact location of the spacecraft. The images captured by LROC also do not pinpoint Vikram lander's location but it is possible that it \"is hiding ...

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