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April 12, 2019

BT Online Bureau
New Delhi, April 4, 2013
Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed top industrialists at a gathering of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in New Delhi. Here are the key highlights from his speech -
New Delhi, December 13, 2010
\"Radia must have thought BT is going to ask only those questions that she wants. However, she realised that wasn't the case when our story came out.\"

Rohit Saran
August 21, 2008
Some of the most profound lessons in life are also the simplest. This issue's cover story explains one more tenet of financial wisdom-that the composition of your salary can be as important as the amount.

Rohit Saran
August 6, 2008
On our Website, we are running a life insurance survey that we urge you to participate in by answering a few simple questions.

Rohit Saran
July 23, 2008
Good advice isn’t always adequate advice. This is most evident in personal finance. For a magazine, covering the gap between good advice and adequate advice isn’t easy. It requires in-depth knowledge, skill, ability, and confidence to stick its neck out and make some bold projections.

Rohit Saran
July 9, 2008
For instance, how many of us know that inflation doesn’t actually destroy our wealth? It redistributes it—somebody’s high price is somebody else’s high income.

Rohit Saran
June 25, 2008
Portfolio Doctor has been our most popular and rewarding section. We have been inundated with requests from readers willing to be featured and share their most intimate financial details. For us, this is a source of pride and inspiration.

Rohit Saran
June 10, 2008
On 'MT Blog', readers are not only debating and learning, but are now telling us as much as we tell them.

Rohit Saran
May 26, 2008
Almost every Indian investor has made at least one investment that he does not need. These are investors unable to distinguish an enthusiastic salesperson from an unscrupulous one.

Rohit Saran
May 14, 2008
Basic investing intelligence doesn’t require extraordinary skills or knowledge. All it takes is inclination and interest to understand simple calculations and principles.

Rohit Saran
April 29, 2008
In recent years the world of investing has changed dramatically with a profusion of choices. This is ideal time for books on investing— books that are clear, comprehensive and appetising for the lay reader.

Rohit Saran
April 16, 2008
Intelligent investing is incomplete without intelligent spending. And nowhere does spending acumen matter more than when planning a vacation. This summer, be an intelligent traveller.

Rohit Saran
April 1, 2008
Even in the best of times, which these certainly aren’t, stock investing is the ultimate test of patience. Every big fall or rise in the value of investment can be a call to sell or buy. Things become even harder when times aren’t good.

Rohit Saran
March 17, 2008
Small caps are not stocks small investors should invest in, but if they do feel drawn, our pick may be a good sample to start from.

Rohit Saran
March 4, 2008
P Chidambaram has raised your real income by cutting taxes and that will help you spend and save more in 2008-9.

Rohit Saran
February 20, 2008
Indians are among the world’s best savers. Since saving is income not spent, good savers are, by default, intelligent spenders too. But that’s where mastery over money ends.

Rohit Saran
February 6, 2008
Even in the best of times, reporting on the stock market is a bit like covering crime. And when the markets fall, reports turn into veritable whodunits. Yet there is one critical difference.

Rohit Saran
January 22, 2008
Stocks are almost never the centrepiece of financial portfolio — a thick slice of the cake, rather than the thin icing. This has something to do with the way information and analysis on stocks appears in the media.

Rohit Saran
January 10, 2008
There is something about financial success and investment tips. The two seldom go together.

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