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Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
April 15, 2015
While the focus of telecom companies during the initial phase of privatisation was on adding subscribers, now the stress is on making money by offering value-added services.

Shoaib Zaman/ Money Today
June 4, 2015
The formula stands on two ratios. First, the company's EBIT as a proportion of its net fixed assets plus net working capital and second, the company's EBIT as a proportion of its enterprise value.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
March 24, 2015
Asset allocation funds are ideal for those wary of investing actively and changing portfolio according to market conditions.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
February 3, 2015
Jack Lin, Head of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Pioneer Investment, talks to Money Today on various facets of investing in India.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
January 23, 2015
Most market players believe this stellar run will continue in 2015 on the back of reforms, strong foreign fund inflows, revival of manufacturing, among others.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
December 13, 2014
Play these novel internet-based games that helps you enhance your understanding of personal finance.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
October 22, 2014
As the market reacts to heightened optimism, experts say fundamentally strong stocks offer the best routes to go contrarian.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
October 29, 2014
Arbitrage funds make money by gaining from the difference in price of a security in different markets. These funds are hybrid as they invest a sizeable money in debt markets.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
September 4, 2014
Understanding and analysing the actions of a company's management is a precursor to sound equity investment.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
August 11, 2014
Alka Banerjee, MD, Global Equity Indices Product Management, at S&P Dow Jones Indices aims to create new benchmarks for global equity markets and promoting their use among global clients.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
August 6, 2014
On SEBI's recommendation for the pension market, retirement funds floated by fund houses will now be given the same tax benefits as other pension funds with the new budget.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
August 21, 2014
Preparing a succession plan can often be a tricky affair. Here, we tell you the options available and how to zero in on the correct model.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
August 28, 2014
Online courses offered by reputed universities are helping students and professionals gain valuable knowledge at zero cost.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
July 21, 2014
Check the difference between the circle rate and the market rate in the past and at current levels. A lower gap between the two will be beneficial since loans are given on the basis of sales deed which is closer to the circle rates.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
June 11, 2014
Building a mutual fund portfolio is an art as well as science. It's an art as the first step, the most treacherous one, is estimating the risk appetite. Proper asset allocation is the only way to generate high returns from a mutual fund portfolio. Here's how you can get it right.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
June 25, 2014
Contributing to charities and NGOs allows you to reduce the tax outgo while helping the needy.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
May 5, 2014
One big reason for investing in a small-cap stock is that most investors are on the lookout for the next great growth company such as Infosys during its early years. Small-cap stocks can give huge returns. But investors must not lose sight of the risks involved.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
June 3, 2014
A claim can be rejected for various reasons, like non-disclosures, partial disclosures, wrongful disclosures or fraudulent claims.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
April 1, 2014
Noel Maye, CEO, Financial Planning Standards Boards (FPSB), USA, talks to Money Today on the importance of financial planning and how to choose the right financial planner.

Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
April 19, 2014
There is a perception that mid-cap stocks are risky. This is partly right, as some risks are directly related to size. One more reason is that mid-caps are under-researched and, therefore, more likely to be priced wrongly. Investors, however, can benefit from this by identifying potential winners early.

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