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Alam Srinivas
December 11, 2008
It is clear now that the impact of global recession on India will be severe. It may not suffer as much as the developed economies like the US, Europe and Japan, but the situation here will be worse than what was anticipated a couple of months ago.
November 28, 2008
It is the age of customisation. Slowdown or not, you want everything tailored to your needs. Investment products have followed this lead for some time and to great investor response.

Dipen Sheth
September 4, 2008
Another fortnight and still no change in either portfolio. Dipen Sheth continues to sit on 50% cash even as he expects the markets to crack. Again.
August 7, 2008
For too long now, the pension sector has been a woefully neglected stepchild for everyone—government, regulators and investors. Now, hopefully, the first step towards pension reforms has been taken.

By Sushmita Choudhury
November 2, 2006
Know Your Customer guidelines have been used to harass customers by way of cross selling. And also to design customised products to delight them.

E. Kumar Sharma
April 26, 2010
Andhra appears to have found a way to deal with the Maoists.

Akhil Gupta
December 25, 2009
Blackstone's back-to-basics approach in the downturn has helped its portfolio companies come off lows with 3-to-5 times rebound.

Virendra Verma
December 11, 2009
Fuelled by a sustained burst of greenbacks from foreign portfolio investors, and a slow but steady increase in participation from retail investors, the stock markets have more than adequately captured the India growth story. There's no looking back now.

Rajiv Rao, in Karachi
October 28, 2009
Reeling from an onslaught by the Taliban and crippled by an electricity crisis, businesses in Pakistan are forced to survive in a world fraught with risk and uncertainty.

Bibek Bhattacharya
October 13, 2009
When films focus on the spectacle at the cost of any emotional content, the result is a mess.
July 21, 2009
Indians and Chinese are an anxious lot, but it’s not the slowdown that’s got them worried, finds JWT’s recent “Anxiety Index” study on consumer concerns.
April 2, 2009
The boardroom is their familiar turf, but for the moment they are both gunning for the 15th Lok Sabha. Aviation entrepreneur Captain G.R. Gopinath and CEO of ABN AMRO Bank’s India operations, Meera Sanyal, have taken up the gauntlet to fight the election as independent candidates from Bangalore and South Mumbai, respectively.

Anusha Subramanian
March 19, 2009
The second season of the IPL could provide some muchneeded cash flow for India Inc., though uncertainty about security remains a concern.

Anusha Subramanian
January 22, 2009
The Mumbai terror attack opens up a huge market for security products.
January 8, 2009
Get set to cough up a lot more as premium if you want to insure yourself against terror attacks as insurance companies revise their terms.
January 8, 2009
Congratulations on bringing out A great idea to fruition (The Best Advice I Ever Got, January 11).
December 26, 2008
Terrorism exacts a heavy social and economic toll and India has paid dearly for it (BT cover, December 28). The Mumbai terror attacks have inflicted deep psychological wounds that will prove hard to heal.

Nitya Varadarajan
December 12, 2008
For India Inc. terror cover was the priority of the insurance industry ever since the Mumbai serial car bomb blasts of March 12, 1993, that severely damaged the Bombay Stock Exchange building. Now, India Inc. is scurrying to buy fresh terror cover even while others rush to augment their terror policies in the wake of 26/11 attacks. Nitya Varadarajan reports.

Anusha Subramanian, Kushan Mitra and Suman Layak
December 11, 2008
Many foreign business people scheduled to visit Mumbai in the coming days might have cancelled or put off their trips, but the expatriates who have made this country, and more so Mumbai, their home are not packing their bags yet just because of the terror attacks. Anusha Subramanian, Kushan Mitra and Suman Layak report.

Puja Mehra
December 11, 2008
Devastating Al Qaida attacks rattled the economies of the US, UK and Spain but swift government policies prevented their economies from tanking. Can India learn from them? Puja Mehra finds out.

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