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By Tushar Kanwar
Delhi, April 8, 2016
It is like a chat/messaging app that can be used across multiple platforms and devices, with features such as one-to-one and group messaging, file sharing plus integration into several popular apps and web services.

By Tushar Kanwar
Delhi, March 21, 2016
For businesses, though, Reactions is a goldmine of user preferences and trend data. Now, on each post you make or via the page insights dashboard, you can see the breakdown of specific reactions of fans.

By Tushar Kanwar
Delhi, March 3, 2016
Its popular 'Ask Me Anything' interview format has seen biggies like Barack Obama and Bill Gates subject themselves to scrutiny from the Internet populace.

By Tushar Kanwar
Delhi, February 12, 2016
The one-time darling of the social media world, Twitter, just cannot catch a break these days, and the last couple of weeks have been particularly rough.

By Tushar Kanwar
Delhi, January 30, 2016
Before you go handpicking your social media A-Team, a healthy amount of introspection is in order. Do you have goals in place for the social media team?

By Tushar Kanwar
Delhi, January 25, 2016
It is a no-brainer when you think about it really. Any event you plan, whether it is a global conference or a small networking mixer, is social by design, right?

Tushar Kanwar
November 28, 2015
A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that health buddies on fitness-focused social networks and apps may help in finding a fitness partner.

Tushar Kanwar
October 29, 2012
The easiest way to understand camera lens aperture is to liken it to pupils of your eyes, the holes through which light enters.

Tushar Kanwar
September 12, 2012
Here is G&G's 3-part series on the three pillars of photography. We start with light sensitivity, or ISO, in this issue, and will cover shutter speed and aperture in the coming editions.

Tushar Kanwar
October 17, 2012
A court order has had hyperactive internet service providers blocking access to 'illegal' content. For those who have been inconvenienced by over-zealous ISPs, here are a few tips to access such blocked content.

Tushar Kanwar
August 10, 2012
Do you get the best out of your LinkedIn account? Here are nine tips on how to use the professional network to leverage yourself and achieve career goals.

Tushar Kanwar
July 11, 2012
With hyperactive internet service providers blocking access to \"inappropriate\" websites and services, how do you bypass cyber censorship to get to the content of your choice?

Tushar Kanwar
July 2, 2012
With over 25 billion apps downloaded on the Apple App Store and another 10 billion and more on Android mobile devices, apps are dominating more and more devices every day, faster than you can imagine.

Tushar Kanwar
April 12, 2012
With the iPad taking over our lives, it's time to put two photo editing software for the tablet in the ring and see who comes out victor.

Tushar Kanwar
April 5, 2012
Your first ever digital SLR camera leaves you at the start of a lifelong adventure. Here is what you should do in the initial couple of months.

Tushar Kanwar
February 15, 2012
You can afford not to leave home for work. There aretechnologies that help you make the most of domestic bliss.

Tushar Kanwar
February 6, 2012
The conversation might not be that good, but you don't needa Siri to talk to your gadgets.
December 13, 2011
At the end of an eventful year, we look at the top stuff that 2011 gave us. Helped by a panel of experts, we announce our list of the best there were in mobile phones, computers, television, photography, home entertainment, audio systems, portable media players and gaming.

Tushar Kanwar
January 3, 2012
You can be enthused or turned off by Twitter. While you debate your response, take these tips to fully understand what the networking can do for you.

Tushar Kanwar
November 12, 2011
There are changes afoot though, that promises to revolutionize the web as we know it. Join us for some crystal-ball-gazing into the future of the Web.

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