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Sarthak Dogra
Noida, April 7, 2021
Gamers looking to gain an edge through online cheats are often the targets for threat actors. One such example is recently highlighted by Activision - a publicly available cheat for COD that is, in fact, disguised malware.

Manu Kaushik
New Delhi, March 31, 2021
After a brutal year, India's largest airline looks to bounce back, but there could be surprises ahead

Ashutosh Kumar
March 20, 2021
Going forward, private vehicles will be de-registered after 20 years if found unfit or in case of failure to renew registration. Enhanced re-registration will be applicable on private vehicles from the 15th year of original registration

February 17, 2021
Indian traders, both brick-and-mortar and smaller online sellers, have long alleged that Amazon's platform largely benefits a tiny number of big sellers and that the American giant engages in predatory pricing that has crushed legions of retailers

Himanshu Mishra
New Delhi, February 10, 2021
Twitter cannot make judgements on the request to block objectionable handles, a senior government official told Twitter employees during the meeting on Wednesday.

February 4, 2021
Migration of a student pursuing an undergraduate medical course is permissible only if both the medical colleges are recognized by the Central Government under the law, the Supreme Court has ruled

February 1, 2021
Sensex, Nifty Highlights on Budget day, February 1: Almost all the sectors closed in green territory today, rising in the range of 3-6%, except for pharma index

Nevin John
January 29, 2021
The government has also extended the Infrastructure Viability Gap Funding scheme until 2024-25 to attract more Public-Private Partnership projects and facilitate private investment in social sectors like health, education, wastewater, solid waste management, and water supply, the survey noted

Nevin John
January 29, 2021
It is interesting to note that the bitterness of partition is still high on the books as that the governments, which ruled India since 1947, never tried to write-off or consider it as a non-performing asset (NPA)

New Delhi, January 29, 2021
The Economic Survey 2020-21 has indicated that the Indian economy is cruising towards a much quicker growth recovery after the 'once-in-a-century' COVID-19 crisis. The survey, prepared by Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian and his team, forecasts the real GDP growth to bounce back sharply in FY22. Watch the video for full speech.Also Read: Economic Survey lays down ground rules for RBI to end COVID-19 forbearance policies

Niti Kiran
January 29, 2021
In spite of all the heavy lifting on R&D by the government, with 56 per cent share, which is three times the average contributed by governments in the top ten economies, India's gross expenditure on R&D as a per cent of GDP remains low at 0.65 compared to 1.5-3 per cent for the pack

Dipak Mondal
January 29, 2021
According to the Economic Survey report, as IRGD for India is expected to be negative in the foreseeable future, a fiscal policy that provides an impetus to growth will lead to lower, not higher, debt-to-GDP ratios

Joe C Mathew
January 29, 2021
According to the Survey, the reforms in agriculture that are being brought about through these laws have been sought by various expert committees for the last 20 years

Ashutosh Kumar
January 29, 2021
The Economic Survey tabled by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament on Friday, January 29, gives some hints. It favours a \"counter-cyclical expansionary fiscal policy\"

Ashutosh Kumar
January 29, 2021
The survey also pointed out that there are 366 CPSEs as of March 2020. Of these, 256 are in operation. Interestingly only 171 of the operational CPSEs booked profit during FY20

Anand Adhikari
January 29, 2021
The continuation of forbearance policies has unintended and detrimental consequences for banks, companies and the economy, the Survey said

Jaya Vaidhyanathan
January 27, 2021
Technology-enabled risk management has become indispensable to help banks mitigate the impact of the pandemic, in addition to the inherent systemic issues

Manoj Sharma
January 23, 2021
How different industries fared amid the pandemic? CEOs discuss 'rebuilding businesses' on Day 2 of Business Today MindRush 2021

Meena Ganesh
New Delhi, January 21, 2021
A combination of remote monitoring & tele-consultation can foster a more holistic and effective approach to taking care of health issues

Amitabh Chaudhry
New Delhi, January 21, 2021
Banks provide the lifeblood to the financial well-being of different segments. In a crisis, wehave to do everything to safeguard their interests

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