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Manasi Mithel
March 31, 2012
With owners willing to splurge, pets in India - predominantly dogs - have never had it so good, being clothed in designer outfits, or taken on weekend trips to pet resorts or spas. The pet industry, as a result, has not just stood up on all fours, it is booming.

Goutam Das
January 12, 2012
CFO V Balakrishnan says \"velocity\" of business is slowing because of uncertainty in Europe and the US. Clients may have the budgets but all the bad economic news is spooking them.

G. Seetharaman
January 17, 2012
Suddenly, unisex salons are everywhere.

Hitani Kaur
January 5, 2012
When it comes to self-care, settle for nothing but the best. Rossano Ferretti and Bastien Gonzalez are masters of their craft, and they're now in India to cater to your every grooming whim and fancy.
January 5, 2012
Check the desirability quotient of new products launched.

Athens, December 7, 2011
With 299 lawmakers present, 258 voted in favour of the budget while 41 voted against.

Associated Press
Hong Kong, September 15, 2011
Japan's Nikkei 225 index rose 1.7 per cent to close at 8,668.86 while South Korea's Kospi advanced 1.4 per cent to finish at 1,774.08.

Anushree Basu
July 7, 2011
Forget bad hair days as grooming gurus come together to help you sail through the worth weather for your hair-the monsoon. We do a round-up of haircair products on offer to help you opt for the one that works for you.

Mumbai, February 1, 2011
The company will utilise the funds raised (Rs 60 crore) for acquiring brands in India and abroad, build its own brand, and expand the network of outlets across the country.

P. V. Subramanyam
October 15, 2008
The person who surprises me the most is the investor. Brokers and bankers do illogical things because self-interest is involved. But why does an investor behave so irrationally when his own money is at stake?

Dipen Sheth
August 8, 2007
What are the key factors that make fund managers decide on a buy? Read on.

T.V. Mahalingam
July 6, 2010
They say they touch more consumers than any other Indian company — and it's not just with soaps, locks and cupboards.

Anusha Subramanian
February 2, 2010
Films are his bread and butter, and endorsements his jam. Aamir Khan, in contrast to SRK, has fewer irons in the fire but he's as effective.

Sanjiv Bhattacharya
September 4, 2009
Why can’t you get a decent haircut in India and what is Looks Salon in Delhi going to do about it?

Nirmala Ravindran
January 22, 2009
When it comes to kicking back for the weekend, it’s all about understatement not extravagance for Rahul Dravid.
October 2, 2008
Bewildered by the sheer number of gift options this festival season? Don’t be. Our gift guide has the answers you’re looking for.

T.V. Mahalingam
December 11, 2007
The image of the moustachetwirling, pot-bellied man from the South who tilts perilously at the nearest nine yards of fabric he can espy is slowly but surely fading away. Say hello to the trendy, brandconscious southern male who’s raring to go on a bender.
November 14, 2007
Wondering where you can get that exclusive haircut that will make you stand out in the crowd and make heads turn? Look no further and read on?

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