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Shoaib Zaman
August 12, 2015
Investors should consider dividend plans of equity mutual funds if they need money at periodic intervals.

Hemant Rustagi
September 22, 2014
Studies have proved that more than 90 percent of investment success depends upon one's asset allocation and the rest on investment option chosen for each of the asset classes.

Tanvi Varma and Shoaib Zaman
Delhi, October 14, 2014
The euphoria in trading rooms of financial capital Mumbai needs to be tempered with how global liquidity and Indian economic fundamentals change in the coming quarters.

Shaoib Zaman
June 28, 2014
Most of us have faced the consequences of late tax planning some time or the other in our life. That's why the best tax planning advice experts give is simple-Start Early.
February 28, 2014
A wide range of vehicles are available to fund future financial goals. Insurance scores over other investment vehicles in a number of aspects.

Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
March 8, 2014
Indians have the option of investing in more than 5,500 mutual fund schemes. These include 300 in the equity category alone. That's why finding the right fund is not the easiest of jobs. Money Today discusses a few pointers investors can use to select mutual fund schemes.
November 5, 2013
Increased volatility in the past six months and current high interest rates provide attractive debt investment opportunities, says Reliance Capital Asset Management Head (Fixed Income) Amit Tripathi.

Sowmya Kamath
November 14, 2012
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who is perhaps the most tracked Indian equity investor says he is most bullish on retail, pharma and banking stocks.

Rajiv Bhuva
March 13, 2012
AMCs need to stop obsessing over their funds' performance and start paying more attention to their balance sheets if they are to thrive.

Chandralekha Mukerji
Delhi, November 26, 2011
With interest rates expected to fall, long-term debt funds have started buying debt papers with long tenures to gain from high yields. So, is it time to change your unit-linked insurance plan portfolio and use the free-switch option available with the plan to increase exposure to debt?

Dipak Mondal/Money Today
April 11, 2011
Part of your savings should be invested in fixed-income instruments to stave off the risks inherent in equity instruments.

Sarbajeet K. Sen/ Chandralekha Mukerji
February 21, 2011
If you want to ensure that your children's future is secure, opt for insurance plans that are specially designed to fulfill this need.

Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
February 9, 2011
If you are worried about the performance of your equity portfolio, you can divert some of your investment to the agri-commodities market, which experts believe, could give handsome returns during 2011.

Ashok Kumar
January 22, 2011
Given that deep down most Indian investors simply do not have the stomach for a falling equity market, MIPs appear a viable one as it combines relative safety with a slice equity.

Ashok Kumar
November 2, 2010
MF investing can be an important component of one's portfolio with equity MFs being part of the overall equity allocation and debt mutual funds being part of the overall debt- equity allocation.

Tanvi Varma/Money Today
December 28, 2009
Sukumar Rajah, CIO, Asian Equities, Franklin Templeton Investments, talks about his forecast for 2010.

Babar Zaidi
April 15, 2009
Don't panic if you have overshot the tax payment deadline. We tell you how to put your taxes in order.

Babar Zaidi
January 8, 2009
The various tax-saving avenues under Section 80C can be used by individuals to suit their financial needs. We analyse the available options. Your house as a tax haven The cost of a legacy Focus on safe returns

V K Sharma
August 7, 2007
'We ask friends and dealers before buying a cell phone. But rush in and buy stocks on a hot tip.'

Shalini S.Dagar and Suman Layak
July 21, 2010
A clutch of entrepreneurs wants to set up refrigeration facilities in India - and prevent colossal food wastage in the bargain.

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