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December 11, 2008
We will be coming out with a special issue on tax soon. So keep an eye out for our taxation issue. You may also find the tax calculator on our Website useful.
November 13, 2008
The stock market work on the free market principle. So, it is almost impossible to fix a price for the stocks. The investors who want to play it safe can always go for debt instruments such as fixed deposits, National Savings Certificates and the Public Provident Fund.
October 30, 2008
Despite a late start in financial planning, this doctor couple—planning to get married in November this year—can make up through disciplined investment in equities.
October 30, 2008
Apart from the M&A activity, which saw the birth of JetLite and Kingfisher Red, many carriers are signing agreements with regional players, like the GoAir-MDLR Airlines pact.

Rakesh Rai
October 16, 2008
You might have to work in a city, says Rakesh Rai, but you don’t have to let urban smog ruin your sunset years.

Narayan Krishnamurthy and Rakesh Rai
October 16, 2008
Unit-linked plans from insurers and funds offer several benefits, say Narayan Krishnamurthy and Rakesh Rai.
October 15, 2008
The year 2007 was remarkable for virtually every asset class. Money Today reached out to experts on stocks, real estate, mutual funds and commodities for their views on the way the markets will pan out in the coming times.

Mukul G. Asher
October 15, 2008
People must be educated about the benefits of voluntary participation in the New Pension Scheme. They must be made aware of the long-term nature of retirement savings and the relationship between risk and return on investments.
October 3, 2008
The 'emoluments payable' includes only the basic pay and the allowances (special allowances, HRA, conveyance and telephone) which are paid every month.
September 19, 2008
In a globalised world, a book on finance by foreign authors is relevant for Indian readers too. Moreover, very few Indians have written on this subject.

Babar Zaidi
September 18, 2008
A believer in frequent portfolio-churning and even quicker profit-booking, Rakesh Goyal has realised that his strategy isn’t working as well due to the higher tax on capital gains.

Kamya Jaiswal
September 18, 2008
The author demolishes 13 of the most popular investment strategies and suggests ways to make them more effective. Despite the academic writing style, the book is a must for every equity investor, says Kamya Jaiswal.
September 5, 2008
Compare different plans for costs and benefits to choose the one that suits your needs.

Priya Kapoor
August 22, 2008
Many employees are opting to be consultants to avoid deductions and reduce taxes. But watch out for the pitfalls before you become one.
August 22, 2008
There is no one-size-fits-all kind of ideal salary structure. It all depends on your needs and financial situation. Money Today shows you how people at different income levels and age profiles should restructure their pay packages.

N Venkatraman
August 22, 2008
It is important to structure a package in such a way that the basic is not too large to be taxed too much, but is large enough for the provident fund contribution to make sense.

Narayan Krishnamurthy
August 22, 2008
Once offered as a way of dodging tax, perks are today being used to retain employees and increase productivity.

Prabir Jha
August 22, 2008
No two compensation structures, even in the same industry, are always similar. Comparing apples with oranges, as one typically does, is not a useful exercise.

Subhash Lakhotia
August 22, 2008
Using the CTC in formulating a salary structure makes the compensation structures more flexible and attractive to existing and potential employees.
August 22, 2008
The variable pay comprises the allowances and reimbursements that come to you as cash. Learn how to make the best use of them by rejigging their proportions in your compensation package.

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