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While addressing a gathering of students at St Xaviers in Mumbai, the US President said he'll discuss with Manmohan Singh how India and US can advance cooperation to benefit both.

The collbaration that will increase food security for Indians will take place during President Barack Obama's visit to India.
The production was about 90 lakh boxes more than the highest production of 2.67 crore boxes (each box comprising 20 kg) in 2007 and three times that of 2009.
Unaffected by the deficient rainfall in some states, the production could be lower than his initial expectation of 100 million tonnes, the Agriculture minister said.
Cultivating rice via drip irrigation can save plenty of water, but it has to be commercially viable first.
A clutch of entrepreneurs wants to set up refrigeration facilities in India - and prevent colossal food wastage in the bargain.

Food and Agriculture Minister says the Centre and states together would take steps to help farmers get the right price for their produce.

A whopping 2 lakh tonnes is set to be imported this financial year, even though the shipments are yet to be placed because of high gloabl prices.
Production in India, the world's second-largest producer and the biggest consumer, is estimated at 18.8 mt in the current season, ending Spetember 30.

Foodgrain stocks held in government godowns amounted to 50.2 million tonnes at the start of the current month, according to the latest data from the FCI.

More than legal contracts, it's companies' contact with farmers that's the name of the game.
Conglomerates as well as smaller players backed by dollops of private equity are investing big bucks in processing food and taking it to the consumer.