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Onion overdose turns into a problem of plenty for farmers

The new crop has flooded wholesale markets. The produce, which used to sell at around Rs 80 a kg in open markets, is priced at Rs 20-25 a kg in retail outlets.

Dharam Vira Gandhi of Aam Aadmi Party alleges that the ministry did not respond to his demand for giving out the results of the bio-safety studies.
Made secretly and given names that sometimes resemble the original, counterfeits account for up to 30% of the $4 billion pesticide market, shows the study.
The overall retail inflation eased to 4.41 per cent in September, helped by falling commodity prices, but rural inflation was at 5.05 per cent, mostly due to food prices.
Under this programme, tur will be sold at this rate at 10 rural and 9 urban centres from Friday onwards.
The new BJP government in Haryana is considering converting the agro-malls into general malls so that these can be utilised.
An investigation into soaring dal prices reveals how big dealers are creating a crisis leading to rise in prices. Here's how the cartel operates.
The government has been pushing mills to sell sugar on the international market and use the proceeds to clear huge debts they owe farmers for sugarcane.