Passenger on Delhi-Ranchi AirAsia flight tries to open emergency door midair

BT Online        Last Updated: July 11, 2017  | 17:02 IST
Delhi-Ranchi Air Asia passenger tries to open emergency door midair

Delhi to Ranchi AirAsia flight on Monday night witnessed bizarre scenes after a passenger tried to open the aircraft's emergency door moments before the flight was going to land at Ranchi airport.

"Aftab Ahmed, a 32-year-old resident of Ranchi, tried to open the emergency door at about 9.50pm on Monday (July 10). After landing at Ranchi Airport, he was handed over to the local police," a CISF spokesperson was quoted as saying in a TOI report.

However, the accused flyer failed to open the Airbus A-320 emergency gate and the plane landed safely at the airport. After the landing of the aircraft, Ahmed was handed over to the local police.

The incident causing a midair scare in the flight took place on AirAsia flight I5-546 (Delhi-Ranchi-Kolkata). 

The incident comes at a time when the aviation ministry is likely to come out with a no-fly list for unruly passengers this month.

In February, a passenger travelling via budget carrier IndiGo had opened the emergency exit door and inflated the slide while the aircraft was standing at the airport. During this ruckus, a co-passenger had received injuries.

Taking a precautionary measure, the captain immediately informed the ground staff about the situation on board and instructed the team to arrange for medical assistance and other necessary action.

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