Mumbai-Delhi is an extremely busy air route, in fact the 3rd busiest in the world   New Delhi     Last Updated: January 11, 2018  | 16:34 IST
Mumbai-Delhi is an extremely busy air route, in fact the 3rd busiest in the world
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The air route between Mumbai and Delhi was the third busiest in the world, a report by UK-based air travel intelligence company OAG Aviation Worldwide Ltd mentioned. A total of 47,462 flights operated between the two airports - that's around 130 flights every day. There are only two other routes busier than Mumbai-Delhi.  A total of 64,991 flights operated between South Korea's Jeju and Seoul Gimpo airports, while a total of 54,519 flights operated between Australia's Melbourne and Sydney airports.

These numbers do not indicate the number of flights between cities but only between airports. Unlike New York and London, Mumbai and Delhi have only one major airport from almost all flights take off.

With 29,427 flights, Bengaluru-Delhi was the 11th busiest domestic route last year, while Bengaluru-Mumbai was 16th with 23,875 flights.

Except for Brazil's Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the rest of the five busiest air routes in both domestic and international flights were from Asia Pacific.

However, when it comes to punctuality, the Mumbai-Delhi route scored a very unimpressive 59.14 per cent OTP or one-time performance, while the busiest domestic route, Jeju-Seoul Gimpo recorded an OTP of 74.06 per cent. Melbourne-Sydney also recorded an OTP of 74.10%.

According to the OAG, if a flight arrives or departs under 15 minutes of its scheduled time, then it is considered to be on time.

Japan's Tokyo Haneda-Osaka route beats all the other routes when it comes to punctuality. It recorded an OTP of 90.40 per cent.
On the Mumbai-Delhi route, SpiceJet scored the highest OTP with 72.3 per cent, followed by IndiGo with 71.7 per cent, Go Air with 54.8 per cent, Jet Airways with 48.5 per cent and lastly, Air India with 48.4 per cent.


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