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January 7, 2008

Sivaji - A hit or miss?
Sivaji - A hit or miss?
How much did the superhyped Rajinikanth-starrer Sivaji The Boss finally gross at the box office? Some media reports had put the figure at a whopping Rs 350 crore for the Rs 70-crore film—the costliest ever in India.

But if the Tamil film industry insiders are to be believed, the producers of Sivaji just managed to make Rs 14 crore over and above the cost of the film and that, too, as a result of smart marketing tactics rather than its popularity.

In fact, some of the film’s distributors admitted to suffering losses.

And were it not for the Rs 30 crore that the film grossed in ticket sales overseas, it could well have ended up being in the red. However, some industry sources peg its gross takings at Rs 150 crore.

— Nitya Varadarajan

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