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Help, Tarun!

January 7, 2008

 I am a commerce graduate interested in art. Although I am not an artist, I want to be in the business of buying and selling art. Is there any specific course that I should do?
There are courses in Art Appreciation and Art History that should help you sharpen your skills as an art dealer. Many art institutes, museums and polytechnics conduct these courses as do independent entities from time to time. A lot of art dealers also do a lot of reading on their own. Try attending art exhibitions and auctions in order to know the customer base and values attached to each piece of art.

 I have heard that a PhD in the US is similar to an MBA in India—it opens doors across industries. What is the currency of a PhD (in whatever field) there, and will I find myself overqualified if I choose to work in India?
PhDs in India or abroad are usually related to academics or research. Industry does reserve a few functions for PhDs and whether or not a PhD will open doors for you depends on the field you are aiming for. The question really is what you want to do and whether a PhD is the ideal degree for that. If you want to be in management and would like to do a PhD, then that is what you have to explain to your prospective employer.

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