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IT biggies set sight on mobile apps business

Anuradha Shukla     February 1, 2011
As the number of mobile application users is growing with the increase of smartphones and tablets, traditional software companies like Wipro, Infosys and TCS are shifting their focus to mobile computing.

According to IT research firm Gartner Inc, worldwide mobile application store revenue is projected to surpass $15.1 billion in 2011, both from end-users buying applications as well as applications themselves generating advertising revenue for their developers.

Gartner says mobile application store downloads are expected to reach 17.7 billion downloads in 2011, a rise of 117 per cent from an estimated 8.2 billion downloads in 2010.

Seeing the huge margins and future growth potential, companies are eager to grab a pie of this market and are shifting their focus to the mobile application software market.

Wipro Technologies launched a mobile computing lab at its Atlanta Strategic Delivery Center in the US last week. The lab will develop specific mobile-based applications for clients as the demand for such applications are on the rise.

"The launch of the Wipro mobile computing lab represents a milestone in our effort to build a mobile ecosystem to drive the development and launch of mobile applications and next-generation devices," Sid Nair, chief sales and operations officer-North America, Wipro Technologies, said.

For the India market Wipro has already announced that it will develop an education programme called mConnect in collaboration with the US-based McGraw-Hill that can be delivered through mobile devices.

"Innovation is the key for survival and we have to look forward to future technologies. The demand of mobile applications is increasing from our European as well as the US clients. So, we are already taking this segment seriously for future revenue growth. We will soon be expanding this division with more specialised workforce," a senior executive at Wipro told MAIL TODAY . Similarly, other software firms like Infosys and TCS are planning to set up mobile-focused computing division.

Infosys has developed special mobile application programme for retailers. The firm has partnered with many consumer electronics brands to develop mobile applications for better retail experience.

"The mobile applications market By Anuradha Shukla in New Delhi is growing very fast and technology companies need to tap this changing dynamics. At present the revenue is not very high but the company is acknowledging the potential of this segment and focusing on this segment," a senior executive at Infosys told MAIL TODAY. TCS is already providing security trading solutions via its mobile trading application. It is targeting more focused applications in future.

Google Inc, which is already into the segment with its Android applications, is expanding its mobile application operations to take on rival Apple. The firm is also hiring IT professionals who are specialised in mobile applications to develop more applications for the Androidenabled smartphones and tablets.

"The mobile applications market is fast growing globally and with the advent of the smartphones in India, the market is expected to multiply by at least three-fold in the next five years," a senior executive at Google told MAIL TODAY.

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