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Jack delighted to have nomination at Goafest: Roopak Saluja

Anamika Butalia     April 10, 2011

Roopak Saluja, Co-founder, Bang Bang Films, and Prashant Challapalli, Business Head, Jack In The Box Worldwide, share their thoughts on Jack and its nomination at the Goafest 2011.

Q. Not yet two years old and Jack In The Box Worldwide seems to have hit a milestone?

Roopak Saluja, Co-founder, Bang Bang Films
Roopak Saluja: It's a great pleasure for Jack In The Box Worldwide, which is an offshoot of Bang Bang Films (BBF). With this company, we've entered a totally different servicing sector. BBF focuses on audio-visual solutions, while Jack has a 360 degree approach to solutions essentially in integrated and interactive branding. Jack turns two in August and we're delighted to have a nomination at Goafest.

Prashant Challapalli, Business Head, Jack In The Box Worldwide
Prashant Challapalli: As a business, we work to ensure that the brand speaks to its target audience directly. We create the content appropriate for such communication methods and disseminate it through digital and social media networks - where quantitative results are easy to map. The fact that our campaign for Puma's 'Pimp my sole' - where we invited our target audience to paint flip-flops. The winning designs were then introduced as part of the Puma collection and each design has its creator's name on it.

It's a great feeling to know that something that was just a black and white paper as a concept less than two years ago has now won us a spot in the industry. It brings recognition for Jack.

Q. Who/what are your competiton?

Prashant: There are smaller players in the industry who are competition - they have some good clients that we could have done qualitative work for. With that knowledge that we have competition makes us step up our game. So, in that case it's always a good thing that we have competition.

We are fierce in the manner of working and extremely honest with our clients about the kind of work that will reflect best for their brands. Essentially, a relationship founded on good work that speaks for itself is what makes us a good company to work with. One that also provides quantitative, sustainable results.

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