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Quotes by political and business leaders

June 9, 2011
India is a consumption story…. Demand for financial services will exceed supply for the next 10 years. Hence, there is no room for irrational demand in the economy.
Aditya Puri, CEO, HDFC Bank, in The Economic Times

Pascal Lamy, Director General, WTO,
Pascal Lamy
We cannot proceed with the attitude that it is business as usual.... We will need political attitudes to change if we are to conclude.
Pascal Lamy, Director General, WTO, on the Doha round of trade talks, in The Economic Times

Inflation targeting is neither feasible nor advisable.... In an emerging economy, it is not practical for the central bank to focus exclusively on inflation, oblivious to the larger development context.

D. Subbarao, Governor, Reserve Bank of India, at the Central Bank Governance Group meeting in Basel, Switzerland, quoted by agencies

Vayalar Ravi, Civil Aviation Minister
Vayalar Ravi
I took over the airline (Air India) to run it, not shut it.
Vayalar Ravi, Civil Aviation Minister, in The Economic Times

Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary,
Timothy Geithner
Thanks to the actions of the US and China, we have put out the worst of the financial fires and the world economy is growing again.
Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary, at the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington, quoted by China Daily

Sakip Sabanci, late Turkish businessman
Sakip Sabanci
Classic business quote
If I were born again, I would still be an industrialist. I complain because it's very hard work…
Sakip Sabanci, late Turkish businessman

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