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StaffOnContract provides hiring solutions

Anumeha Chaturvedi     June 9, 2011
He has had a chequered career so far, but with StaffOn-Contract, Chetan Indap, 43, may well have arrived. Set up in January this year, StaffOnContract is just what its name signifies - the first job portal in the country devoted exclusively to those who want to work - or hire - on contract. It already has 2,000 independent consultants listed. Around 650 small and medium industries have also put up their staff strength - and immediate requirements - on the site.

Founded in: 2011
Founder: Chetan Indap
What makes it cool: It is the first B2B job portal for deploying IT staff on contract basis
Rating: 6.5
Sahad's take: Should work in India as IT consultants on contract are a need. Scalability may be a challenge. There are also other players in this business so it depends on how big a database of consultants he can create.
StaffOnContract's unique features include a rating of the consultants listed by previous companies they worked for, as well as a special section listing differently abled persons, senior citizens and international exchange students looking for contractual assignments. Starting with an initial investment of under Rs 10 lakh, Indap has since obtained seed funding of Rs 30 lakh, and is in talks with angel investors for another Rs 2.5 crore. He is targeting revenues of Rs 25.5 crore by 2016.

"I've tried many things in life," says Indap. "Succeeded at some, failed at others." He has worked as an independent management consultant, while earlier entrepreneurial ventures include a dish antenna manufacturing firm called Lazer Network Communications and a recruiting company called 9am Sourcing. In 2005, he also helped his wife on a start-up which provided early childhood education, called Phonickids.

Nearly two decades ago, when he was still an employee, working with HCL Technologies, Indap shared his entrepreneurial dream with a senior. Far from being encouraging, the latter called him crazy. But Indap takes it as a compliment. "I admit I'm crazy," he says, adding: "It is only crazy ideas that make for successful entrepreneurs."

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