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Best suited for summer

Bibek Bhattacharya     March 15, 2008

If it’s summer, it has got to be linen. This granddaddy of all natural fibres has been around for almost as long as the guys who built the pyramids. And though it’s used to make everything from shirts to skirts, it’s the linen jacket that truly exudes elegance. The main highlights of the fabric is that it breathes beautifully, and it has a certain breezy charm that suggests a vacationing gent in the Mediterranean.

Needless to say, linen jackets have always been in vogue during summer. And it’s not just about dressing for work.

Try out the jacket with the polo shirt (enjoying a nice comeback this season) or with a T-shirt and look infinitely cool.

He’s wearing: Linen jacket from Wills Classic; Rs 8,995

T-shirt from Homme; Rs 1,900

Trousers from Corneliani (part of suit); Rs 75,000*

Shoes from Homme; Rs 4,490

*Price of full suit


He’s wearing: Linen jacket from Corneliani (part of suit)
Rs 75,000*

Polo shirt from Lacoste;
Rs 2,250

Flat-front trousers
from Cue; Rs 2,450

Shoes from Lacoste;
Rs 14,500

*Price of full suit

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