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The long and short of it

Bibek Bhattacharya     March 16, 2008
Shorts are great casual wear in summer. But getting the length right is as important as choosing the right colours and styles.

You’ve been longing for this day since December, so go ahead and break out the shorts. But a word of caution. Before you go knee-showing, know the right length. This (pic 1) is pretty much the best length. Too long and you’re confused, while too short and your boxers will start peeping. At least make sure you have the legs for it. Wear them with shoes, but do wear socks (pic 3). Sandals or slippers work as well.


 1. Shorts from FCUK Price: Rs 2,2402. Shorts from Lacoste Price: Rs 2,750 3. Shorts from Zegna Sport Price: On request

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