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YouTube gets better

Kushan Mitra     March 17, 2008

When Time Magazine declared ‘You’ as the person of the year, they really didn’t mean you, they meant user-generated content as epitomised by YouTube.

The problem with YouTube, however, was simple: the quality of most of the videos was atrocious because of the need to compromise quality for fast load times. However, as the internet gets faster for everybody, even YouTube has started offering a higher quality version now.

Sure, it isn’t High-Definition, but at a resolution of 480x360 pixels, it’s better than the old 320x240 definition. You can go to your YouTube accounts page and select the better video quality, but if you are not logged onto YouTube, all you need to do is add the string &fmt=18 to the end of the YouTube URL and if there is a higher quality video, it will load.

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