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Letters to the Editor - July 2012

June 12, 2012
This is with regards to the cover story of June 2012 ("Holiday gadgets-55 fun ways to tech up your vacation). What happened to the 'One nation free roaming -National Telecom Policy 2011' which was supposed to make roaming cheaper? It is a fact that mobile freaks do not enjoy vacations or their weekly offs because they cannot be connected 24x7 during these periods. We should be careful not to become addicted to mobile phones or, for that matter, any gadget. In fact, all gadgets should be used in such a way that they make our lives better. - MAHESH KUMAR, ON EMAIL

I am addicted to G&G. Sometimes I feel this magazine should be turned into a bimonthly publication. I have a suggestion regarding the question asked by fellow reader Rakshit Batra about an afforable smart phone with Android Ice-Cream Sandwich. I suggest that Rakshit consider the Sony Ericsson Walkman model WT19i. It is due for an ICS upgrade and is very affordable at around Rs 12,000. There is also a trendy headphone coming free with this phone. - VIRENDRA SHAHU, ON EMAIL

Cameras are changing by the day and they are becoming more affordable. It seems the camera manufacturers are really threatened by the camera phones and that seems to be why they are focusing on features which a smartphone camera will never have, at least not in the near future. Now you have cameras with up to 20x zoom, DSLRs which are equally good for HD video and some features that seem to add gimmick value than any usability. However, this is a healthy scenario for photographers and things will only get better for this form of art in India. - BAVIN SHAH, AHMEDABAD

I am already tired of my friends and family spending too much time on Facebook. So the reports that Facebook could be working on a phone of its own futher worried me. What is the use of Facebook phone when you can access this social networking site easily through even feature phones? In fact, the worldover, more people are now accessing social media networks through mobile Internet than via fixed lines. But let us not kill this fun by thinking too much out of the box. - NITIN MITTAL, DEHRADUN

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